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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My life in pictures part 2 of 5

wow I sit through some of these meetings and wonder what am I doing here? This is where my sketch book takes over and I do shoes. You can cross reference this meeting as I posted a comment

Fred Hunt painting in the gallery a variation on the theme?

This is a Refresh Miami meeting that took place in our gallery as they lost their space at a hotel due to change of ownership. Sound familiar? I was glad to have this group see the art available at the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery. Social media is amazing. Not only did they lose their space but when I offered this gallery I was 5 min away from my gallery and said I would reopen and allow them to have their meeting here. People attending this meeting were already standing at the door waiting on me. Now that news traveled fast via social media.
Artist P. Cherry in her studio
Studio Visit, sometimes these are enlightening. We will be presenting "Our Regional Treasures" for Nov. through Art Basel Dec 2009. We are showcasing four Artists who are still creating daily, still sell and have collectors hovering. All past the age of 72 which is the age the Japanese honor the life long endeavor of their artists.


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