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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Life in pictures part 1 of 5

All the missed days, there are reasons, being overwhelmed is a very good reason.
After all my intern is missing in action and I wish I were in her shoes some very elegant
shoes no doubt in DC.. We left off with a wonderful "Breakfast for the Artist"© Focaccia Rustica now under new
mgmt. and suddenly they no longer want what we had provided, they want more splash. We gave them splash via our artist Karen Deilke her work is seen below, that wonderful feng shui shade of red. A Toast to our artist of the moment. FREE Mimosas served with breakfast.
I made it into this photo, but what is even better I surmounted another social media challenge. I managed to get them on facebook and tagged the artists, find us under

a delivery of a work of art, it's been a while but when it rains it pours or are we coming out of the recession. Lets hope so. Seen more people in the gallery in the last few days than in previous month. Now this painting has a home. Oh my, just realized that I've been getting lots of Jehova's comments on this one.


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