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Friday, September 25, 2009

Intern Hasti Sept 24, 2009

Yet another week has flown by! It's already Friday evening and I don't know where all the days and hours went! It must be because we have been so very busy planning the closing of 'The Wedding Dress' event with a true Bridal Soiree (October 3rd is the date to write down your calendar!). As a former event coordinator I know that there are a lot of elements that have to be in sync for this to flow perfectly. All our friends who want to participate and contribute, the decorations, reception preparations, goodie bag items..the list is long. But first we need the flier to come out in time and be distributed which needed plenty of coordination too To give you a sneak peak I can reveal that we have very exclusive designer wedding gowns for sale the evening of the event. These gowns are brought here by Roseanna Martino, who used to run a very upscale wedding shop in Boston for over 21 years. The rumor is that these gowns $2,000 - $7,000 are now going to be up to 85% off original price, so if you know any brides-to-be out there, make sure they hear about this!
Dreaming about that picture perfect wedding, but still looking for the perfect gown? You voted we counted and then hit the racks in search of "New England's Best Bridal Store". 5 years on the list of the BEST in Boston.
Channel 7 Boston .... partial interview with Roseanna Martino

Roseanna Martino Altered Bride
"Most of the gowns are my own design."

This small boutique style shop offers dresses, shoes, bags and jewels to the over 350 handmade tiaras, veils and headpieces.

Roseanna Martino Altered Bride
"I want the consumer to have something different."

And if it's too roomy or too snug, a seamstress will seamlessly fix any fit...

Roseanna Martino Altered Bride
"It definitely is one stop shopping..."

If you need to look like an angel for a match made in heaven before you say "I do", check out our first-place spot.
It's truly a rare chance to get your hands on a exclusive and unique wedding dress which one normally might not be able to afford. Our intern Chrystele left for Paris yesterday and the gallery already feels a tiny bit more empty. I enjoyed having her here, I definitely liked the charming accent and I also kind of enjoyed being the English teacher when she had questions :) I don't know a single word of French, but we did good! Yesterday we had a band rehearsing here all afternoon, its always such a mood up lifter and a ambiance plumper. Annamaria likes to have them here, they are artists too, and it's also fun to have them sitting in the window playing instruments for the passerby's. I know that would've made me curious to peek in! Fred has been painting this week as well, I love to see how he can paint for hours and hours straight. I do wish I had that amazing focus and patience.
Well, enjoy the weekend in sunny Coconut Grove and do not hesitate to drop us a visit!!Artist Karen Deilke
Oh and a reminder - Do not miss "Breakfast with The Artis"© tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 10:00 AM at Focaccia Rustica. You have the opportunity to meet Karen Deilke and see her work! And Don't forget the free Mimosas!! Location: 3111 Grand Ave, Coconut Grove


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