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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Any given moment in our gallery

Any given moment things happen in the Windisch-Hunt fine art gallery. Friends meet, musicians are welcome to rehearse giving the space the joie de vivre. The gallery is open and inviting.The galleries front door opens onto the main street of Coconut Grove. These photos were taken all within two hours. Lots of work was done in the best of circumstances.

Artist Audry Scott meeting up with old friend art instructor Jill Mullins from the Internation Fine Arts College of Miami

AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt Galleriest

Fred W Hunt resident artist responding to the music

Theresa Calluori graphic designer ?

Louis DelBordello and AnnaMaria Windish-Hunt

Fred W Hunt

Dorian Avila (Guitar player) Michel Gonzalez (Guitar player and composer)

Chrystele Moulun Intern

Hasti Riedlinger Intern


"My last day in the gallery, and lot of work to do before I leave. I gave to AnnaMaria my ideas for the the gift shop, and for the future event "The wedding dress". People was agree with me and take the idea.
What I did during this internship was first make in relation The Gallery Pixi in Paris ( with who I'm working like internship from February) and Windisch-Hunt gallery to promote two Artists, Kate Daudy and Grant White. I really like their work. They use clothes like papers and give to famous poets a new life. Everyone loves the work and asks for web site.
When I spend my first day on the gallery AnnaMaria talked about the show she was make it then I propose to her to make a picture of the wonderful wedding dress of Kate and Grant, (you can see her on the window).
For me if you are working in a gallery is to promote artistes whatever you are whatever you do. It's really important. After that AnnaMaria and me, we worked together on the show "The Wedding Dress",everything went well.
The new show is about the Wedding dress again, Is must like a fashion show of a fabulous designer Roseanna Martino.
Hasti worked on the flier all the day and before ,we used the photography of the wedding dress of Kate Daudy and Grant White, and the result is really great.

I worked on the first Show called "Wedding Dress" and I missed the opening and now I work on this closing show and I will miss that also !! But it OK. I'm glad to be a part of those works.
Now I go back to Paris, and I hope AnnaMaria and Me can stay in touch"


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