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Monday, October 26, 2009

Tony Scornavacca

Early morning 8:00 a.m. meeting at my bank, they do a yearly event for their large depositors. They asked me to recommend artists and out of the 4 they selected 3. The decision after all is theirs. A quick coffee with friends down the street and waiting for me at the Gallery doors with a box was Tony Scornavacca Jr. inside a rare find of cartoon books created and assembled by Tony Scornavacca aartist loved and remembered by all Grovites.
The dedication reads as follows.
"To my dear self whose quiet desperation and noisy depressions were a constant inspiration......... come to the Gallery and get your copy.

A true Tale re-told by Grove artist Fred Hunt about Tony Scornavacca
Now there was that time when Tony the one known as Scornavacca had been trying or attempting to lure this young lady up to his studio to pose. But the requirements were as always, that Tony, the artist wanted to paint her in the nude. Of course she kept refusing, and one day, lo and behold she showed up and said yes she would do it. Of course Tony was delighted. As I recall he gave the young lady one of these model drapes and showed her where she could undress. Here he excused himself, and left her to her privacy. After several minutes she heard Tony say from the privacy of his office, are you ready to pose. She replied yes she was. So he said to her to position your self on the model stand, I'll be right there. She checked her watch for the time and stepped onto the platform, she didn't wait long before out walked Tony, stark naked.
Of course his unexpected appearance threw the young lady into total disarray and shock. After several minutes of unladylike language and gestures she embarrassingly covered herself and stomped out of the studio into the dressing room throwing on her clothes almost and left slamming the door. Tony was bewildered, he spent all his time in advance telling her of his intentions. Of course after she left he once more narrated them. "I said all along that I wanted to paint you in the nude" that was my honest explanation and still remains.
Fred Hunt "I can't believe he didn't put it into his cartoon book. "
Every guy who ever knew Tony has an antidote about Tony. So if your out there and want to tell it, I shall put it into this blog. Tony Scornavacca was as well known as Picasso in his heyday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He would keep Leno on his toes.
He was funny lol I don't see any practical jokers today. Where is the gallery, I want a book!

10/26/09, 1:06 PM  

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