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Friday, October 30, 2009

Miss quoted ?

My day started at the beach it was refreshing, one would think that this being end of October the weather would be NORMAL, well it is not. It t is hot, still in the high 80's. Maybe this sounds great to the east coast but the electric bill is killing me. I 'm in catch up mode and with the economy as it is, the sales we have had for the most part are small pick up items .
Showcasing fine art is fine, but galleriest have to live as well as ARtists. We are a working gallery and open year round. Half the galleries in Wynnwood are closed waiting to bait in NY artists for ArtBasel/Miami. Coral Gables galleries are almost extinct as they moved to Wynnwood with high hopes, then the economy happened.
Current issue of New times is out and as I look to see who all is doing some thing. I recognize an image I submitted for the reception which happened a week ago. Stating that we have an event reception tonight, oh my, so we will have it again after all I still have Rhum Barboncoure, why not.
Have you ever been miss quoted well, The article states something about voodoo or spirit bottles. Never erven heard of those. I'm think where on earth did they get that, then add insult
to injury they said I chirped . Oh dear no i am not a happy camper , chirp, indeed. One of my wonderful gallery artist Jeff Passage he must have beeen a diplomat in his former life looked at the bright side "They used a word that would fit in the limited space "Yes Jeff, there is a Santa Clause chirp is a 5 letter word, and said is four 4 letters. lol.


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