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Friday, October 30, 2009

November just around the corner

This up and coming show is most important it is called "Our Regional Treasures." and am quite proud presenting these artists. I am still waiting for one more artist to come aboard but it is not necessary as I have star power in the three being featured. Last night I attended H Allen Benowitzes reception at the Coconut Grove Art Festival offices. H Allen and I go back a few years as I gave him his very first solo photo exhibition at Gallery Vincent. So I went to congratulate him there. As is the case when visiting other people in your field business is always on the forefront especially as Art Basel/Miami is looming. I was asked, what was I doing for Art Basel. Well, I have already decided and I will have a very successful show. Hitch your wagon to a star.
Now in Coconut Grove we have established 1st Sat. in the Grove Art Stroll, a version of that exists in most communities. Wynnwood does Gallery night or Viernes Culturales translates last Friday Cultural nights in Little Havana. We all do it. Are you ahead of me here. Last night was not 1st Sat. thats right! Was asked if I might consider having my opening on the same night as she is presenting a young new thing out of NY, Art Basel bait. Now the two of us could make this happen but there is baggage here, that will never be forgotten. Politics !!! Miami City Hall by artist Jeffrey Passage
Speaking of politics I have a show which has been cleared to go into City Hall with only days away from electing a new Mayor for Miami and again Politics are interfering with the Arts. I am ready to install and a certain person thinks it would just be wonderful to welcome the new Mayor in style via these en plein air painting,s depicting Coconut Grove where City Hall is located. Of course credit goes to whom? Not I for supporting our community via having these event here for the 8th time. But having great art available for the New Mayor. Where is this all goin? I am going to city hall with tape measure in hand and meet.
As I am ruminating this at 5 a.m. in the morning, that is when most of my blog posts are written. Im thinking about the person who wants to meet and discuss this unique alliance. There is strength in numbers. But would it benefit the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art gallery.? moi. I have a good thing. My promo cards are waiting for the one more artist.


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