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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Peacock Soiree

Commissioner Sarnoff with some of the artists who will be doing peacocks

Heather Bettner, AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt with Ed Perlaz sponsor, Fred Hunt and Deborah Starbuck
Just finished the 1st Saturday Art Stroll in Coconut Grove with a new exhibit and already another major event in the gallery. These events are wonderful exposure for the artists exhibiting in the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery. It brings in more and more art lovers, and in this case sponsors of the "CoconutgrovePeacockTour". It was well attended and the work to put it together did not fall on my shoulders. I just let them have the gallery. The entire enterprise is that, of Heather Bettner of Coconut Grove. When all is said and done it benefits our community via the tourist influx and then of course the trickle down effect to the merchants/restaurants of Coconut Grove. We owe Heather a great deal of gratitude in undertakeing this venture. We also owe a hugh gratitude to the New York Times for printing the story on Aug. 27, 2008 and bringing world wide attention to our own folly.

Pop Artist Ed King with his sponsor

Camille DePhillips who handles the PR and media

Deborah Starbuck and her Peacock shades

Barefoot Winery

Garland leading AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt

Eleganza Strings Serenading us all evening

Jerry Wade with Peacock pin

Antoinette Baldwin not to be outdone strutting her stuff


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