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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

follow the juror's comments

transition art going out and coming in
The call to artist for "Homage a la femme and the artist who love them" was fairly specific. We were looking for large works, by not just women artists but by our male counterparts also. We never said it had to be figurative, but as any call there were some questions so we sent out a facebook announcement clarifying we were looking to showcase the artists strongest work and the feminine side of the male artists.
Today is jury day we got in quite a number of works; some brought in just one. Many asked me what I thought. Well thankfully, I am not the juror and as such was glad to state the fact. Several artists' work were not accepted by the juror.
Here are some of the comments I was privy to, with the jurors permission I share.
"Good Turn out" ..... "nice variety" .... "lot of good work" ...
To be more specific, as The Juror went about the room some of her musings were about the fact that the work should relate even though an artist does a lot of different work, for a group show it should be consistent - if one is framed in the group then they all should be. One artist's work was inconsistent and it was not chosen for the show. Similarly, pieces were disqualified for being framed poorly. These points should be taken into consideration when you come to see this show. What did the artists, who are in the show, do right?
One submission was poorly executed, lots of artists use spray paint in this day and age but your not suppose to see it. ( Murakami is such a nit picker he has 16 layers and between each he sands. Mr. Murakami first became famous in the 1990s for a theory he called Superflat). One of the artists presenting also attempted it but unsuccessfully. You won't see that work. What you will see is the work that was selected. Also, at the Jurors suggestion painted two walls black.


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