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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Not a bad day after all

Fred Hunt being serenaded by Augustine Mariche of York Penn.
Got over the rude artist mentioned below. I lovely package arrived via a husband delivery service. Thank you so much. Monica Bo of Costa Rica. Some time ago, Monica stop by our gallery Windisch-Hunt Fine Art, asking for advice. I was hard put to give guidance. What I did do was suggest she get a copy of Alyson Stanfield's book 'I'd Rather be in the Studio". I mentioned that I was working on having her come down to Miami and book her into Lake Worth and Ft. Lauderdale during the same period of time. Monica was resourceful found Alyson's e mail and next thing I know my name is being bantered about on the internet. Not bad .:) Then I had this child star walk in with such bravura. He is in Miami to appear on Univision's top rated Spanish language show Giant Saturday "Sabado Gigante" with host Don Francisco. Next, two lovely persons shopping for nephew gift, made that sale. Of course our hand painted coconuts are
hand painted coconuts $22 + postage ship anywhere
always popular this time of year. The painted coconuts are heading north for the holidays. We had 88 degree weather today. Our merchants in Coconut Grove brought in 6 tons of snow for the children who have never ever seen SNOW or felt it. Part of my past week was spent painting facades of Xmas houses on flats to enhance the event Snow Days. This last one, after Art Basel.See those painted shoes. They are the culprits of Vernissage which I wrote about during Art Basel. This news stand is for the our local news alert, opinion blog
for which I provide photos periodically. Actually it's a friendly photo competition between the blogger Tom and myself a former UPI photographer. Who can out do photos of the Miami Herald or each other. I'm winning.


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