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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Vernissage Dec. 2, 2009

, The premier opening was last nightat the Miami Beach Convention Center. We were greeted by Ambassador plenipotentiary the honorable George Neary seen here with artist Fred Hunt. George was instrumental in bringing Art Basel to Miami. There was a crowd ready to enter when we arrived five of six. We got in and as is my way of keeping on track and seeing it all. I started to the right. One of my first delightful discoveries was the new body of work by David Hockney Forget the volume and my blah blah blah on video ( that would be an inside joke if you'd been to Art Basel). Recently You Tube video showed David and his assistant going back to nature. The next work of art which drew my attention was the gloved one, yes, a take off on Michael Jackson. It was impeccably executed and as I turn away my Flip Camera captures Debra Cortes. I mentioned her Holiday Art Bazaar only yesterday. Found myself standing in front of a Louise Nevelson and I am wearing the shoes I commissioned her granddaughter to paint for me. It's one of those moment's. (pictured in this link provided )

Art History came alive at Galerie Thomas, a who's who of the 20th century art. this was a space you could linger know you cannot afford it however this viewing is worth the price of admission.
Frank Stella
Only half way through we are thirsty. Found the refreshments and right as we sat I spotted the Champagne cart several of those are through out the hall, nice touch. I turn on the camera for people watching.

Once the saturation of appreciating what is on the walls, you cannot avoid the characters portraying themselves. Are they artists,who cares. They add to the circus. segue
I have a call to Artists for in Feburary it is "Circus Circus" . I could not get enough of Botero's circus images, and all in one place. Who knew he had done so many circus images, wonderful fun works, some on paper, pre sketches for the large oils.
Botero's "Circus Act"
I highly advise if you go pick up a Art Circuit map at the right of the entrance by the red walls. The new configuration will leave you confused. Unless your mind is focused on how you got in you will have a hard time finding your way out.
Large does not make for better. You know when your standing in front of a masterpiece.



Anonymous lynne latham said...

I'm exhausted after reading this. Where do you get all your energy? I honestly do love reading your blog.

12/7/09, 8:53 PM  

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