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Monday, November 16, 2009

Coconut Grove doing what it does best

This is what a Grove Buck looks like, much prettier than the BerkShares.

Picture perfect weekend for this Mad Hatter here our own version of the cast of characters, borrowed from our Sat. morning art class, today's class was performance art. What fun!
Here are just some of the tasks we take on as part of the committee. Tom Falco our own news beacon via the coconutgrovegrapevine and Stephen Licata head of the Merchants Assoc. and owner of Palm Produce. Go to the grapevine for more stories and photos of the event.
Now this hat of mine has a story. I knew I wanted a traditional hat a"Lampshade", We had a hat making party in the gallery. Night before I had created some of the committee's hats. Mine had to wait till the eleventh hour. This lovely lady come in, spend time, chatted, I lamenting that I had not found a bird and needed to run out to a craft store. She saw my had and said wait here I have just the thing. She returned with THE PERFECT PEACOCK ornament. It worked on all levels. Right now CVoconut Grove is in a controversy about them, the issue made the N.Y. Times. We are going to have Peacocks on Parade, and the colours complemented the shade, well you can see how this all came together.
I have advocated drumming for all sorts of reasons. Soon it may become a reality in the Grove. This is one of our gallery artists Karen Deilke with an authentic Indian drum.
The spirit of the Mad Hatter was embraced wholeheartedly as Grove Bucks were given out to the most outlandish creative hats. Grove bucks are legal tender in Coconut Grove.
One hour before closing, part of the committee seen here are all happy. Tom Faclo, Barbara Tejada, Daisy Lewis, Pauline Goldsmith. Lovely turnout for this event.
The first day was slow but on the Sunday the crowds tripled on our tree lined streets. Word of mouth was out. Both Pauline and I sent additional e mail reminders out as we had a vested interest in making this a success.
Here again hats were worn for fashion and for shade. As happens when you do art shows there will be people who are looking at the art for possible inclusion for upcoming art events. This was the case here. Center is Debra Cortese who will be doing a Holiday Bazaar and is visiting with artists who will suit her event.
Right in front of the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art gallery we had this scene. How wonderful to see such meticulously done crafts by Lisa Kundle seen here with her sister.

Festivals of all sorts do not happen on their own. Periodically you've read about the meetings on this blog. I attend, Coconut Grove community meetings as part of creating a network. This weekend I did not post as I was busy with the Mad Hatter art event. What stood out this weekend, the fun everyone had taking on the theme of Mad Hatter. Ascot would rival some of our creations.On Sunday I opted for a decorated sailor hat. This was one of the things I was asked to do. The peacock hat was difficult to wear.


Anonymous Debra Cortese said...

Thanks for the great Mad Hatter pictures, all your work on this event and for mention of the Holiday Art Bazaar on 1st Saturday Art Stroll Dec. 5th!

11/16/09, 6:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last photo by Louis Del Borrello !

11/17/09, 7:35 PM  
Blogger One Ear Society said...

Last photo is the best.

11/18/09, 1:21 PM  

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