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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Miami Watercolor Society Demo

This afternoon one of our premier gallery artists did a demonstration for the Miami Watercolor Society. The demonstration basically invited the Miami Watercolor Society artists to expand the scope of what is normally the typical size for a watercolor painting. Fred Hunt at age 82 has not lost his touch. He is still witty and charming and made what could have been a dull demo interactive.Click on image to enlarge
Fred W. Hunt no longer paints with watermedia due to the physical demands of a traditional watercolor painting (bending over a flat surface) he is still investing in rolls of Fabriano paper with anticipation of going back to watercolor, a media he loves. He also sculps. Oil is now his preferred painting medium which is more suitable for a man of his age. Come and visit Fred as he is painting daily in the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery. See the progress of this painting,
we are open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. Did you catch the quip about painting with a dry brush like the English.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, Fred! It was great to see you paint. I learned something new. Your wonderful sense of humor made it so enjoyable.


11/8/09, 8:54 PM  

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