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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

pay the piper!

Had a photographer come by and lament his good fortune. Seems to resents the fact, now that he is no longer in the Wynnwod District Gallery, he still has to pay a % for the sales that are generated out of that space. They had his work for a month and it didn't not move. It did start to sell however after he left. This has happened at our gallery as well. That is why a gallery will hold the artist to a 3 mo. clause from the start of the exhibit.
The fact that he was in a prime space with a reception, press, on going marketing escaped him and someone has to pay the staff, hello! I wrote this in the middle of the night and today I am changing out the art for a new show. Lo and behold the same question arises. "How do you know that the sale comes from here. " This one was eas from the departing. Because, the art in question hadn't seen the light of day as it was all collectible. I turned the question around. "When was the last time you exhibited this work?" He went on to tell me it had been in his High Rise Condo. I said "so how many people come through there to see the work". It was his private residence and not open to the public. " Well I had Dr. so and so and one other person." I responded "and they didn't buy it then possible if they buy it now it is because the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery has cachet" and now in my e mail I have "Fine Art Views" by Clint Watson The Benefits of Gallery Representation by guest columnist Lori Woodward Simons. Haven't read it yet but I'm sure their not to far off on what I just wrote.


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