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Saturday, October 31, 2009


Today Mia + Issa

Issa and instructor Sherrie Rose instructor
Taking an art class is pricelessand should not be equated with cost, a nuance lost on quite a few. Currently in our gallery we have a wonderful teacher, teaching a fresco class for age 9 to 15. One student is seeking to improve her portfolio, all art classes have value for her. She knows she is going on to Art School. The other happens to be a trust fund baby and today, a no show, now why does that not surprise me. Having taught children at the Bass Museum for several summers, has given me insight. Some children embrace the projects because the want to. Others are being chauffeured from one activity to the other satisfying someone elses ego. To a portion we are babysitters. Having experienced this I am adamant about the completion and full participation of students that sign up for our classes. Here I suffer no fools or disruptions.


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