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Friday, October 30, 2009


at Miami Science Museum
We artists pay our dues in ways one can only imagine. Here I am at the Science Museum and it is Holloween. I enjoy kids in their place and enjoy teaching them, if they really really love art and it shows. When it comes to funding arts for children I always lean on the, not side, as let them be creative and be good students if they are meant to be artists they will persevere. There is to much of "My kid can do that". Well fine, let them and see in which gallery they are exhibited or which museum they are showcased . Emerging artists are a slippery lot. Having gone back into my catalogue of art, six years back and try to find certain artists who impressed me. They are no longer. Did they get married, now to support their family only to surface at age 62 once again missing their golden years, if art had only meant enough to them. There are sacrifices even artists must make.

AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt with Heather Bettner who has initiated the Parade of Peacocks soon to be unveiled. Artists if you want to do one of those peacocks get hold of her or me use the subject Peacock on Parade, I shall forward it on to her. my e mail is


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