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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Boggie and we

artist Theresa Calluori and photographer Lynn Latham
Here once again doing a benefit for whom, you might ask. No sales, but a great deal of interest. What happens at this select events is that we showcase our work with the hope of making a sales. It is almost impossible with such romantic lighting, as you see in these pix. But everyone agreed unilaterally, that we had a very fine time. When was the last time anyone of us had such authentic delicious faire provided by Chef Andre. What a treat. The world knows that the Austro-Hungarian empire produces the finest in the culinary arts. Chef Andre hails from Linz, Osterreich. I went in the spirit of Morocco and dressed accordingly, after all this was a Bazaar. I pulled out art that was small and that had been around for a bit and some very new things. We did get a nibble, and she was at the gallery the very next day. THAT is why these events are important but not on your resume.
Casablanca for a night


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