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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Photographers pay attention

"Laura" A digital Print by photographer Dave Woody
Every two years the Smithsonian National Gallery sponsors a portrait exhibition. It is a very prestigious show, what could be more important than to be affiliated with the likes of the Smithsonian! It always surprises me and every artist ( our ego), who participate in juried venues, when we do not win. In this particular show the variety of wins was astounding. A lot of photography placed very high..... Hello Photographers -- those of you who still think you are stepchildren of art....Look at this 1st place photograph!! Congratulations Dave Woody!
And here is what we entered and didn't even place.
"Fur Elise" oil By Fred Hunt
I congratulate all the artists who put their best work forward to be juried by such a distinguished panel of judges. You would not have done so if you did not think there was an inkling of chance you would be in the shoes of Dave Woody.


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