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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Midnight musings

What did I forget. what all do I still need to do and my I Cal looks like a checker board for this week. Just remembered another committment the Holiday Art Bazaar at the Mutiny Hotel. Last night was Coconut Groves kick off event for Art Basel and all the galleries were open with wine and food for the My neighbor on the right was closing up just as I was getting the ice for our opening. said there was no one on the streets that was true, it was only 6:30. The C of C blasted the opening reception for a young and upcoming artist, it was well attended by family and friends. My reception was in tandem with the Coconut Grove Art Festival opening. Had one be back, from Sundays reception. Bernice Stein art dealer, came with a client of hers. So we have a serious nibble, and we made some small sales. It is always worth it when someone truly takes time and appreciates all the art on our walls. I closed Windisch-Hunt Fine Art around 9:30 p.m. Back to my checker board calendar Some of the meetings are weekly like the Holiday committee,Holiday Committee
This week is also 1st Thurs of the month WC of CG luncheon, missed the last two, just slipped right on by. Meeting with Mgmt about the Peacock project early tomorrow morning. I've got tickets for opening night ART Basel. Wynnwood Art district opening is officially tomorrow evening, last year thousands showed up as most independent satelites are located there in rented warehouse spaces. It's a free party. I signed up for a workshop about documenting art, artist, who want to leave a legacy. Lets not forget the 1st Sat of the month is this Saturday in Coconut Grove.


Anonymous Debra Cortese said...

It is art season in Miami and seems everything is happening at the same time. Last year tried to see all of Art Basel. Impossible even if you don't sleep. Thanks for sharing info on Holiday Art Bazaar. All of the artists (many who participated in the Art Marketing Salon at Windisch-Hunt) are also promoting this. Social media marketing at its best. I'm officially working as marketing consultant/designer with Arts at St Johns now and will be attending Art Basel opening night with Carol Hoffman-Guzman, Founding Director of ASJ. Hope to see you there and back in the Grove on Saturday night!

12/1/09, 11:20 PM  

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