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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Busy working gallery

You can see, the mermaid from the Miami Watercolor demo is now finished and hanging . We posted a few videos below of it's progress. This photo is from the outside of the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery. All the artists in the gallery have something of theirs in the window. We try to be democratic. We always stay busy. Had a person stop by and tell me how satisfying it was to watch the work in progress.
Hans Feyerabend is returning a painting by Yana Bem which he framed for her, at my request. I love Yana's work and at first meeting her I asked her "Do you know who Richard Lindner is" She did, she also worked in NY for a while. Her women are bold strong much like Lindners. I have always admired his work.

Here is the gapping hole in the wall. It's the leak that I wrote about in an earlier post. They assured me it would not impede, the opening. What we did not recon with was the fact that during that period of time, Thanksgiving falls right into the middle of the week, and we loose two work days. Panic! not yet, my motto go with the flo. I have the "Our Regional Treasures" reception to plan still.
The workmen are tinkering with their copper pipes and we proceed with gallery business. Here is Yana with Barries and Beer on her left. This is going her Holiday greeting card.
Fred Hunt is building stretcher bars for his oversized watercolors. Garland one of our gifted Sat. morning students is hanging out because her mother works in the gallery just two doors down and it is always much more fun elsewhere. So I put her to work documenting Fred via my newest toy the Flip camera. She did a great job and he finds her presence less intrusive than mine.
Hi Fidelity is blastin away in the gallery and the mood upbeat along the riff. Six artists are painting away on their own project. Saturday morning was the art class which ended and a new project was introduced so that what the students learned in the past six weeks, now has application. A house for the Christmas Village that will travel through Coconut Grove during the snow days. They learned about fresco and how to achieve this faux finish.


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