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Monday, November 30, 2009

Opportunity at ART Basel Satilite

We are in the middle of getting ready for 'Our Regonal Treasure" reception and lets not forget about Art Basel and all the 100's of satellite art happenings. This is Miami in the first week of December! I get a call from a person who also belongs to the Woman's Club of Coconut Grove offering me this opportunity, an opportunity artists only dream about. Be seen during Art Basel in the Wynwood District. I said OK, I am busy and do not return the call. If it is going to happen it will. The next phone call came. An hour later I drive over there and she tells me who the other artists are that have accepted. Lynn Facteau, Freda Tschumy all friends and artists whos work has been exhibited in our gallery.This is it. No one had come by yet to view, so I pick my space considering the location to the door I already know what is hanging where. I have always pre visualized all the shows I've curated, no problem. The light is good and I write on the wall "This wall is taken"Back at the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery I layout the work as I visualized it. I measure the space I measure the art I measure twice even the hight. It's a go. Fred gives me his approval. Looks a bit different. What seemed an ongoing long wall shrunk I remeasure knowing I want one more work of art in and I need inches. Started out with 20 inches between the paintings down to 16 for breathing space and ended up with only 10. The next consideration was the lightswitch, it is in wrong place, never noticed it before. The work of art is on silverleaf and way to delicate to be handled daily by moving it by just anyone. Ok thats not going to work. When it all came together we were happy we compromised and it's what we do to make things happen.


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