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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wynnwood's American Art

Fred Hunt and Sheri Rose share this wall
Ran up to Wynnwood to put last touches on our art. "American Art" is located at 3302 N. Miami Ave. in the Wynnwood Art District and will have its official opening tonight. We are adjacent to Kunsthaus Miami
Dan Walker's Chandelier under construction
click to enlarge images
Ran into Rafael Manresa a former One Ear Society member.( interesting link hmmm) Rafael has an installation with several of his artists on the other side of Kunsthaus. They will have their opening tomorrow night. It's called MyPAC Got this sneak peak and they are very busy installing. You can See Dan Walkers intricate work coming together here. Also Rafael Manresa is putting his signature RMutt on the toilet. How did I get this photo, While looking at their work I noticed a glaring absence, his signature. Now lets not all copy this, Rafael has been doing this for years now, to the consternation of myself while he was a member of the OES. Wherever he goes you will know if he has been there. Most recently he was at the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery and don't you know he did it to me again. However, this time we had a most interesting outcome. We had an elderly lady visit and asked to use our facilities. She came out giggly and said she so enjoyed the experience of using our toilet and now she can tell everyone she sat on a Marcel Duchamp.
You don't have to come to us, now you can go to 3325 N. Miami Ave and have the same unique experience.
Most art openings are tonight at 5 p.m. a wonderfull initiative for this year is benefitting Lotus House via the Sundari foundation. Everyone attending will be required to make a $25 donation. If you don't want to carry cash here is how you do it. Don't leave home without your check for $25 per person to the Sundari Foundation. Have a great time that your evening of see and being seen benefits the unseen.


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