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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Overwhelmed Dec. 2 2009

As of today I have received e-mail invitations to approximately half the receptions and openings all relating to ART Basel Miami. From artists friends and artists I've never heard of. I can actually party into the night with all the happenings some start as late as 10 p.m. Overload, overdose! I am starting this evening and along the way I will report on those. Don't expect me to critique, should I run into something that is worth seeing and affordable I will definitely let you know. So this evening I am heading to Wynnwood with my flip camera. BAC is enticing people to start early with breakfast on the house, why not. Should you do that I highly recommend you not miss the Rubell Family Collection which during the next few days is open to the public and free. GO
At the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery business goes on. I have two artists here earning holiday money painting Village Houses that will be on display for the Coconut Grove Snow Days. Eight (8 ) tons of snow will be brought in for everyone to enjoy this Saturday. EXhibited in our gallery is "Our Regional Treasures", 3 outstanding artists who have earned that title. How many of the up and coming edgy artists exhibiting this week in Miami will be with us and producing much less surviving into their 80's to leave a legacy as P. Cherry 86, Fred Hunt 82 and RA McLendon
the youngest at 77, a original Highwayman.


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