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Sunday, December 13, 2009

attitude - antagonistic behavior

I'm writing this as this artist just visited my gallery gave me grief in front of clients. How embarrassing. Hope I never see him again. I also had in the gallery two very young girls doing community service hours, just completing their tasks and I pointedly asked them to go back to their tasks as I was interviewing an artist. I look at the work and ask the artist had he ever been in my gallery "No" as I carry paintings and am not interested in illustrations. I point to one example in the gallery that has been much admired and he calls it "con art" and tried to give me an art history lesson. He took classes from U of M graduate in art???? who thought him, really. The third work of art he had was an erotic depiction straight out of Hustler magazine lacking painterly quality. He accused me of not liking it because of the "snatch" and took a very defensive stand. I explained that we do indeed carry nudes. I tried to explain why certain figurative work sell or not, Why his direct approach would be a negative, all the while trying to laud his draughsman skill. He was in a defensive mood and by now the Father of the young girls was here to collect them. I excused myself to fill out the paperwork for their community service. The artist left without a bye your leave. ATTITUDE!


Anonymous Karen said...

UNBELIEVABLE! I hope the guy got thrown out of every gallery he visited!

12/18/09, 2:23 PM  

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