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Friday, January 15, 2010

enough enough

"what I liked best about this film was that it made me think about how much I appreciate small, artist-run gallery spaces sustained by dedicated individuals who are happy for the privilege of living on creativity, no matter how small their bubble might be"
The above quote came from a film review, a must read and a must see for anyone interested in the who, wonder why! we talented, competent, creative, egoless artists, don't have a chance. The Film is just being released "The Great Contemporary Art Bubble" You Tube trailer the full review worth your time . To my readers and followers I'm back on track. Sometimes we in the small independent galleries need a boost just like this one. I am grateful, to have the reviewer follow me on twitter, and send this info."The Magician" oil 30 x30
I share with you the newly completed painting by artist Fred Hunt. Now this is an artist who has not allowed me to raise prices in the last few years because as he says " I want people to have my art" and so we have very reasonably priced art by our Regional Treasure Fred Hunt, but also by wonderful area artists such as Karen Deilke, Sheri Rose, Jeff Passage, Jane Balevage Harris, Astrid Dalins, Yana Bem, Bettyann Pober just to name a few of our active gallery members. Plus we have featured Artists monthly right now we have P. Cherry, and highwayman Roy MacLendon. Every one of the artists we have at the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery are a solid investment. We are proud to be independent and ethical.


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