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Monday, February 22, 2010

Artists in need of Studio

Juan Kurtzman
Juan is the newest edition in our gallery. He came to us via the "Breakfast with the Artist"© program and just grew on us. He saw how productive the right kind of space can be and asked if he could come in and paint. My sense of seriousness in tune with his need, I acquiesced.
Jeff Passage, has been in our gallery for quite some time and found his niche right by the entrance of the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery. A victim of Hurricane Katrina, he found himself without a house, home or studio. Here he established himself in Coconut Grove among like minded artists.
Fred Hunt, for whom half this gallery is named is also a victim of a hurricane. This one had a one two punch. It destroyed everything he had, studio/live work space plus to add insult to injury, non-hodgkins lymphoma. Hurricane Wilma was a major disaster for Fred.
Juan comes in to paint on Mondays, Jeff has his own key. Fred stays alive coming in daily. Visitors to our gallery enjoy a unique experience of seeing fine art as it is being created, beside the hand selected works of hart hanging on our walls.


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