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Monday, February 22, 2010

what did you do for christmas?

Not referred to, one of the monthly chores is the upkeep of our windows to the world. It reflects the current exhibition. We also have our artists working close by the windows so that we entice the passer by to drop in. A show stop window is important, then again it cannot obstruct a view into the gallery.

As a working gallery it has it's down time and messy times. Day to day our artists, friends in the arts have trials and tribulations. They understand we have an enormous overhead and obligations to meet. Unlike a Co-op where helping out and being nickeled and dimed .. .. is mandated we are respectful of each others creative time and only ask for help when we are desperately needed. Then the SOS flag is up.
Here is Fred Hunt after he got a great deal at Jerry's Art a Rama. He soon discovered that the white gesso from there is not as white as the white gesso from Utrecht. He has never used black so thought to try it out. He is forever stretching outside his comfort zone.
Ok this is me and what am I doing. Well we all know that when presenting a work of art it should be tagged with all the info regarding the work of art and contact info attached. This particular artist forgot hanging gear. So, it's always easier to just do it then to make a fuss about it. But take into consideration 20 artist leaving out this critical part. Some savvy collectors keep up with galleries and want to be the first to see and possible discover the art they cannot live without before opening. This has happened on several occasions.
Here we had a double surprise Birthday party for artist Audrey Scott and watch out for this young artist Garland. Garland's mother is also an artist and the apple does not fall to far from the tree.
One of the projects around xmas time was the Snow Village here is one of the village houses done by AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt for the Coconutgrovegrapevine a blog in and about Coconut Grove. Out of the ten village houses, seven were painted in the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery. Why because we are seen as the source for talent, we have space and we have yet to say NO to any project brought to us by our neighbors or our city.
This was a installation which brought lots and lots of attention to us. It being Barbie's 50 anniversary. There were 50 Barbie dolls on this dress. What you do not see is the petticoat which had 12 calendar girl Barbies underneath all sans clothes. Clever, charming and absolutely well thught out. by U of M.'s Regina McFall.
We of the Once Ear Society participate in this annual satire parade known as the King Mango Strut Parade. As artists we always try to bring in more color and less politics. There is a link on You Tube that shows what all we did and what a mess the gallery was the morning of the parade which takes place every year Sunday after Christmas. It has music and click over to.


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