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Friday, March 5, 2010

Our Juror Annette Rawlings

Most jurors are artists who have reached a certain standing in the art field - many start out with Art History. Annette Rawlings started out studying Art History and Fine Art and has a degree in both. She also studied abroad in Germany, Italy, Spain and Mexico
Her experience encompass Art Restoration, Art History, Painting, Glass in Murano, and Tempra Fresco, Grinding Pigments and Painting in Perugia Italy, Jewelry Making, Eutruscan pottery, Mexico fiber, Ceramic, and she has worked on a Pre-Columbian dig. These were not workshops they were extended studies lasting up to one year. These were all master studies.
So from our perspective we can see that her qualifications have been earned. Currently she is the director of the Andrews Art Museum and curator for the Whatmore Art Museum in Andrews North Carolina she also writes a art column. She makes her home in Virgina, four hours from N Y City and two hours from Washington DC, so she has access to the very latest exhibitions that the big cities offer.
Steeped in The Renaissance technique, "I hand stretch Belgium linen secured with copper tacks then I use rabbit skin clue which I make to seal the linen. I also make my own colors." The image above is Annette Rawlings.
There is a sense of worth that is attached to being seen by someone who is knowledgeable and influential. It gives the artist confirmation of their abilities. Some artists do not enter certain shows based on who the juror is. It is not unusual gauge the exhibition by the juror.
Opening night more photos coming


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