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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just a part of life

Left but not forgotten
I've been missing in action for several weeks but did not miss documenting the art happenings. I've just had very little time to post.
We are two days away from our Opening Reception of the Anti-Show. Windisch-Hunt Fine Art is featuring street art. While waiting for the artists to arrive with their pieces, I continue to move the other work out. We will be open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. I should be caught up by then. The one thing I must get used while updating is to work backwards, but that's just not going to happen!

Ok, here is one for the books.... We were asked to make an appearance for the Miami Herald via the public relations group hired by the Peacock Tour people. Wow, what artists would not want to be in a major metropolitan newspaper. We went to the studio where most of the peacocks are kept - This is the first of many publicity opportunities. We were not the only artists invited, while we were there, the only other artist LEBO who's peacock was finished, did not even show. Fred Hunt is not a verbal artist, however, he and the photographer got along quite well. They have photography in common. Fred used to do the covers for Atlanta Magazine. I can see right away that this is not the easiest photo to shoot because the Peacock is large and dominates. I kept my mouth shut while the photographer set up some shots that I knew would not work as I used to work for United Press Int'l.
We were looking forward to seeing the photo and story in the paper but it didn't make the following day. When it finally hit the paper it was The Peacock with LEBO. Like I said it's part of life.


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