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Friday, March 26, 2010

Peacock Process

Peacock on parade...
Artist and Marketing Director Debra Cortese of Arts at St Johns stops by to view Artist, Fred Hunt's Peacock painting progress. The word was out that Fred got the go ahead to create the first Coconut Grove Peacock which he is painting on location at Windish-Hunt Fine Art Gallery. There have already been many curious visitors checking on this colorful community project.
The peacocks arrived via freight and was destined for another artist who is enroute to Barbados and found herself overbooked! The sponsor visiting realized progress was non-existent and a unanimous decision between gallerist Anna Maria Windisch-Hunt, Heather Bettner, project promoter and two sponsors agreed to let Fred begin. The other artists will work on a different peacock upon her return to the Grove.
Needless to say, with the naked peacock sitting for a week and a half, Fred was inspired. Once he heard he had the go ahead he was painting within 20 minutes!

photo is day 2 check back as new pictures are uploaded.


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