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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mailman on Vacation?

It seems I have a fan, no, most likely it is the the Mail Art Exhibition. In the call to artists I said I would be exhibiting all these envelopes to a great many art lovers, how many ART LOVERS, more than 150.000 visitors come to Coconut Grove over the President Day Weekend for the express purpose of seeing the art at the Coconut Grove Art Festival one of the premier art shows in Miami. Coconut Grove is the original section from which Miami exploded into the 2 million people, who call it home.
Q. How far away are you from the Festival?
You have to pass my gallery to get to the show regardless if you enter from the right or from the left entrances. Their Corp. offices are in the same complex as Windisch-Hunt Fine Art.


Dina Vierny (1920 - 2009)
Find the complete story in the N.Y. Times.

What would artists be without thier muse, this one was an extraordinary person and inspiration to not just one great artists but several.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

School of Rock

Here I am with Amelia Grant-Alfieri and Liza Carroll with two of  our gallery artists Karen Deilke and Jeffrey Passage, welcoming the Ransom Everglades Upper  School.
Each year the Advanced Studio Art Classes are challenged with a project that forces them to use multi media.  Although students have become proficient in many traditional media such as oil, pastel, acrylic they don't get enough chances to think outside the box.  Astrid Dalins their art instructor, whom I've known for many years has a sense of humor and this project instills this  humor as you can see.    
Amelia Grant-Alfieri's take on Picasso
Liza Carroll not so obvious "Klee Klock"

Friday, January 23, 2009

snail mail          back                                           MIAMI 

Snail mail    front                                                       Miami 

OH What a day

T. Falco front Coconut Grove

T. Falco back Coconut Grove

"Pushing the Envelope" arrived from Portland Oregon, not what I expected and my mail man Harold Gray was a bit taken back, asked if it was my size. Not exactly!

B. Pober Miami

It's just been quite busy. We have an art opening tomorrow night.

Last minute changes to the e-mail invitations. Check, that every piece of art has it's tag. Wash the marble floor, vacuum the carpet area, pull out tables and still deal with the artist who want to be represented here.

"What kind of work do you show here?" yes, one of those came in today! I will touch on the subject of gallery representation next week when there is more time. But lets have a look what our mail men brought.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Coconut Grove Grapevine: The Mail Art arrived right on schedule

New Mail art from Rosie Brown

Rosie Brown MIAMI

Information for YOU

Call for Entries 
All Calligraphers and Artists invited.
theme  ART
FEB. 9th, 09  deadline
Mail Art 
Windisch-Hunt Fine Art
2911 Grand Ave.
Coconut Grove Fl.  33133
  • envelopes not to exceed 5x7, 
  • international size 10.16cm x 12.7cm 
  • No.10 standard envelope ok 
  • Faux postage OK if you can get it through
  • must be cancelled by postal system
  • entree fee $2   ( put inside envelope)
we will post arrival of Mail-Art  on this blog DAILY
  • want your art mail returned at end of exhibit  remit $5 not two with your address 
  • may enter more than once   rules apply to 1 or 2 or prolific  entrant.
  • NO postcards 

Mail Art we've received Jan 21, 2009

   Marsha Wolff                                               MIAMI 

  Anonymous                                          MIAMI

  Trish Jesselli      front                                        MIAMI

Trish Jesselli back MIAMI

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our Mail Art project

The Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery is sponsoring a new Mail Art project to be exhibited during the Coconut Grove Arts Festival this February, one of the largest arts festivals in the country.

Mail Art is actually art, sent in through snail mail. The first piece arrived from Bernhard Zilling from Germany last week, shown here.

We are looking for your own mail art. Please send mail art no larger than 5" x 7" in the form of an envelope. Please create the art on both sides.

The deadline for all art in house is February 9 for the show which starts that weekend.

Send to:
Mail Art
Windisch-Hunt Gallery
2911 Grand Avenue
Coconut Grove, FL 33133

For specifics, please email

Don't be shy! Send us your art today!

Welcome to the One Ear Society Blog

Welcome to the new One Ear Society Blog.  The OES  is a cooperative society that gathered artists from the South Florida Art Center and from the former Grove House in 1998.  Artists from both, initiated this cooperative, in the hopes that we would fare better.  We lasted a fine seven years and went underground in our eighth year where some artists morphed into another organization.  The Heart of the of the organization still beats strongly.  We now will share our years of experience in the art field from not just the artists' points of view but also from the galleries' points of view,  your comments are always welcome.  

Our home is in Coconut Grove, Florida, the first seaside community which was swallowed up by Miami, but we Grovites know who we are and how we made history before Miami even existed.