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Thursday, March 19, 2009

In the gallery now

Jane Krause feature artist at the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery had a good crowd for her opening , this is one Janes Sculptures. It was a easy decision to have her exhibit here. She came in with one piece and I told her I would visit her at the studio, there I discovered that she had art work that supported the sculptures so we came up with a title together. "A study in Movement" and her show was on.
Serendipity struck a choreographer happen in, I just asked if he was up for doing such and such as he was looking for a gig. He said yes. it worked out very well. Brittany our wonderful new intern is also a computer wiz is putting a 2 min. video together so when she gets it done Everyone will see a part of this spectacular performance to the music of Igor Stravinsky. Stay tuned for her version of that night. Lot's of thing happened nothing like Sex in the City.
Ah "Breakfast with the Artists". We feature different artists all the time. This exhibit at Focaccia Rustica was Yana Bem, she is classically trained artist from Prague. She exhibited both tropical and circus images. On that note we decided to make it a themed breakfast "Tropical Circus". See more photos on the coconutgrovegrapevine they were enchanted with what we did and ran several photos. Circus was not in town.
AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt on the left, Uta stayed in character, Fred Hunt just turned 81 and loved it all and thats our friend Audrey Scott.

Deadline Extended to April 15, 2009

The exhibition is currently in our own
gallery windows.
photo credit goes to Don Kessler

We still have more images to upload.

Align Right
We've had such a wonderful response and artists hearing about
our mail-art wanted a chance to participate, so we extended the
exhibition by popular demand.
The deadline is April 15, 2009 .
I also wanted to honor all the areas artists who took the time to
send in some work. The Sunday afternoon reception is to take place
Sunday at 2 p.m. April 26, 09.

It's a Village

We had a very clever one from our own Coconut Grove Chamber of Commerce President Liliana Dones pointing to her work of art here, the smiles are the same.
Once upon a time when mail was still 13 cents she had an art project to do. The message starts "29 cents ago" .

I've said many times I only have artist friends.
I was surprised how many friends assisted in this project, and how many artists that participated, I knew personally. Here is Audrey Scott reaching where I could not, hanging some of the more unusual works submitted. It was only about envelopes, then one of the first arrivals was the RED Heel with the adornment of "Pushing the Envelope" and indeed it did. Since then many unique works of art have arrived, they all made it through the postal system.

thousands of people saw

The tour bus is sitting right outside my windows here at the gallery and spewing fumes, waiting for the tourist to re -board. Meanwhile they are browsing our windows which showcase the Mail-Art on one side and the Florida Collection on the other side of entrance.
Here is how the work was seen during the Coconut Grove Art Festival. I moved it down to the corner of our building closer to the entrance of the show so more traffic had the opportunity to view the submissions.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Opening: intern perspective

Got here a shade late, but the evening was great and there were a lot of people here for the opening. But I didn't miss the event after the event which was Fred's birthday party. The event went off as planned with a beautiful performance by Vincent, and I'll be uploading more event pictures and Fred's b-day pics as well in the next coming days.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Intern Files: End of second week!

Tomorrow night is the Opening and we are almost all set for it, just a few more things to polish up.

Today was hectic, and I just had to pick today to oversleep luckily it was ok, then I got to sit in on a meeting for a free 9 weeks course helping artists promote themselves, which is a valuable thing b/c most of us don't know how or where to begin. We were never taught that in school, which one would think we would've been taught that, and so far the dates have been set up for April for Tues and Saturdays but that is tentative so look out for more information later this month.

photo curtesy of
Fun pop culture references make a Gallery worker/owner seem effortless, I touched on this yesterday but now I'll expand. AnnaMaria talked about how a lot of movie villains have the job of art curator or gallery owner, which is interesting, making it seem that they have a lot of time for their criminal activities. Yet it is harder than it looks, and AnnaMaria hasn't even seen Sex and the City but the character Charlotte runs a Gallery (and fits this Hollywood image of the non-working occupation) and her main occupation it seems is that no one runs out of wine/champagne during an opening. This is one of many cliches in Hollywood, artists and those that run the shops have to meet certain stereotypes or else it wouldn't be true escapism. :)

We had two absurdities today, one I won't remark on b/c it's not humorous, but the earlier one I will say that if an artist wants to promote themselves they should never just walk into a Gallery, harass the artist, and then turn to the Gallery owner at her desk and computer and ask her to go to a website to look at work. Then after being told of the time and procedures to do this properly he stil insisted to have his work seen just then but finally left. He left a bad impression on me, and an even worse one on AnnaMaria the Gallery owner. What would possess a person to act in such a way? Other activities of the day included making signs for the Grover Art Stroll, printing and cutting labels for the art, utilizing keys, and taking pictures.
Almost time to go home, tomorrow is going to be fun and it's also Fred's birthday! See you here.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

More from the Intern

Ok, I haven't blogged in a couple of days but that's ok we've been really busy fixing up the gallery and rearranging everything for the big Opening on Saturday night of Jane Krause's "A Study in Movement" with a special performance by Vincent.
I even got to do a few areas of the gallery myself, which is interesting to do and a lot harder than it looks. As AnnaMaria said most people think the art gallery is an easy-ish job, the art magically going into the right spot with the light perfectly hitting it and it's effortless. That isn't exactly how it works. Sometimes there are difficult pieces that must be moved around many times before they fit right, even then sometimes the way they fit isn't as good as it could be.

Every Tuesday AnnaMaria has an open day where she views the works of other artists she might be interested in, a very talented man came into the Gallery, however I didn't think it was the most professional meeting (I know I'm one to talk I just walked in one day without a resume, just browsing about and then overheard AnnaMaria say she needed an intern and I mosied over to volunteer, yes right place right time). First the man only brought a few pieces with him, and on paper that wouldn't last the test of time. There's some leeway for not being in the profession for very long, he's only just started drawing 3 years ago. However, after three years there should have been more work, on different paper, and with a wider range of subjects, the man is clearly talented but he hasn't branched out to even live subjects yet. But perhaps after more exposure and him attending the Artist's Walk then he'll get a client base b/c he also said he likes to do soap sculptures.

To switch topics so fast now that you'll feel whiplash I helped clean the gallery the last few days too, the back section is better organized now. And note to myself remind Fred to staple in the end of a corner before the opening. Then AnnaMaria and I designed/ordered signs to be done for the shows, especially the Florida Collection at the front of the Gallery. We often take breaks as well to enjoy lunch, coffee and tea, coffee is the greatest invention ever and I enjoy it. Today I made chocolate coffee with a hint of orange.
I've also been taking lists of things we do each day or talk about for a future to do list and the list piles up, slowly but surely we're moving through it.

I almost made my first sale the other day, and the woman is coming back (or so she says) to the opening to further think about it, she kept going back to it and as they say (the proverbial they) if you can't stop looking at it, if you keep coming back to it then you should probably get it.

Also special personal note, shoe shopping isn't my favorite thing but it was necessary as I have a dress for the opening, but then I realized that I was without the right shoes to compliment it, thus the Shoe Store came in handy yesterday! Coconut Grove is the perfect place to live, everything that's needed within a half mile from my home! And credits for school to boot!

More later, I'm having trouble remembering everything that's gone on the last few days, maybe coffee will jog my memory?