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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

En Plein air

Click on image to enlarge! (9 days to go)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Intern Hasti Sept 24, 2009

Yet another week has flown by! It's already Friday evening and I don't know where all the days and hours went! It must be because we have been so very busy planning the closing of 'The Wedding Dress' event with a true Bridal Soiree (October 3rd is the date to write down your calendar!). As a former event coordinator I know that there are a lot of elements that have to be in sync for this to flow perfectly. All our friends who want to participate and contribute, the decorations, reception preparations, goodie bag items..the list is long. But first we need the flier to come out in time and be distributed which needed plenty of coordination too To give you a sneak peak I can reveal that we have very exclusive designer wedding gowns for sale the evening of the event. These gowns are brought here by Roseanna Martino, who used to run a very upscale wedding shop in Boston for over 21 years. The rumor is that these gowns $2,000 - $7,000 are now going to be up to 85% off original price, so if you know any brides-to-be out there, make sure they hear about this!
Dreaming about that picture perfect wedding, but still looking for the perfect gown? You voted we counted and then hit the racks in search of "New England's Best Bridal Store". 5 years on the list of the BEST in Boston.
Channel 7 Boston .... partial interview with Roseanna Martino

Roseanna Martino Altered Bride
"Most of the gowns are my own design."

This small boutique style shop offers dresses, shoes, bags and jewels to the over 350 handmade tiaras, veils and headpieces.

Roseanna Martino Altered Bride
"I want the consumer to have something different."

And if it's too roomy or too snug, a seamstress will seamlessly fix any fit...

Roseanna Martino Altered Bride
"It definitely is one stop shopping..."

If you need to look like an angel for a match made in heaven before you say "I do", check out our first-place spot.
It's truly a rare chance to get your hands on a exclusive and unique wedding dress which one normally might not be able to afford. Our intern Chrystele left for Paris yesterday and the gallery already feels a tiny bit more empty. I enjoyed having her here, I definitely liked the charming accent and I also kind of enjoyed being the English teacher when she had questions :) I don't know a single word of French, but we did good! Yesterday we had a band rehearsing here all afternoon, its always such a mood up lifter and a ambiance plumper. Annamaria likes to have them here, they are artists too, and it's also fun to have them sitting in the window playing instruments for the passerby's. I know that would've made me curious to peek in! Fred has been painting this week as well, I love to see how he can paint for hours and hours straight. I do wish I had that amazing focus and patience.
Well, enjoy the weekend in sunny Coconut Grove and do not hesitate to drop us a visit!!Artist Karen Deilke
Oh and a reminder - Do not miss "Breakfast with The Artis"© tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 10:00 AM at Focaccia Rustica. You have the opportunity to meet Karen Deilke and see her work! And Don't forget the free Mimosas!! Location: 3111 Grand Ave, Coconut Grove

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Any given moment in our gallery

Any given moment things happen in the Windisch-Hunt fine art gallery. Friends meet, musicians are welcome to rehearse giving the space the joie de vivre. The gallery is open and inviting.The galleries front door opens onto the main street of Coconut Grove. These photos were taken all within two hours. Lots of work was done in the best of circumstances.

Artist Audry Scott meeting up with old friend art instructor Jill Mullins from the Internation Fine Arts College of Miami

AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt Galleriest

Fred W Hunt resident artist responding to the music

Theresa Calluori graphic designer ?

Louis DelBordello and AnnaMaria Windish-Hunt

Fred W Hunt

Dorian Avila (Guitar player) Michel Gonzalez (Guitar player and composer)

Chrystele Moulun Intern

Hasti Riedlinger Intern


"My last day in the gallery, and lot of work to do before I leave. I gave to AnnaMaria my ideas for the the gift shop, and for the future event "The wedding dress". People was agree with me and take the idea.
What I did during this internship was first make in relation The Gallery Pixi in Paris ( with who I'm working like internship from February) and Windisch-Hunt gallery to promote two Artists, Kate Daudy and Grant White. I really like their work. They use clothes like papers and give to famous poets a new life. Everyone loves the work and asks for web site.
When I spend my first day on the gallery AnnaMaria talked about the show she was make it then I propose to her to make a picture of the wonderful wedding dress of Kate and Grant, (you can see her on the window).
For me if you are working in a gallery is to promote artistes whatever you are whatever you do. It's really important. After that AnnaMaria and me, we worked together on the show "The Wedding Dress",everything went well.
The new show is about the Wedding dress again, Is must like a fashion show of a fabulous designer Roseanna Martino.
Hasti worked on the flier all the day and before ,we used the photography of the wedding dress of Kate Daudy and Grant White, and the result is really great.

I worked on the first Show called "Wedding Dress" and I missed the opening and now I work on this closing show and I will miss that also !! But it OK. I'm glad to be a part of those works.
Now I go back to Paris, and I hope AnnaMaria and Me can stay in touch"

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

already Wednesday?

Within a few days I will loose Chrystele, my other intern Hasti was shanghaied. She became the graphic designer for the wedding lady! We were approached several days ago about renting out part of our gallery but that was NO. I'm a free spirit and think out of the box, out of necessity most of the time. So, we have the "Wedding Dress" exhibit and she the wedding lady is selling wedding dresses not a far reach or is it? So all of a sudden I'm in the middle of planning a small bridal show. Showcasing hotels, beautyshops and Grove business, I'm being civic minded.

Hasti did a wonderful job of putting this flier/invite together. Did I want her to spend ALL her time on this today? What is done is done and done well. Meanwhile I took Chrystele with me and introduced her to artist Neith Nevelson granddaughter of Louise Nevelson. We ended making a few stops and getting lunch. I inadvertently ran into an ongoing meeting getting coffee of which I am on the board , so I stayed and brought back cold coffee. I have no recall of Tuesday .

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Interns at Windisch-Hunt Fine Art

Tea Time with Chrystele and Hasti
INTERN a. A student or a recent graduate undergoing supervised practical training without pay in order to gain work experience.

This month I've been blessed not just with one intern but two. They do not get compensated they are on a limited schedule and they are worth their weight in gold. This gallery with more than 8,000 sq. ft. it is a large undertaking. Chrystele is from France on leave from her business school. Her interest in art brought her here as she also works in a gallery in Paris and some of what she will do is a comparison study. We have 17 gallery artists and bring in guests monthly. We change out the art monthly we participate in the art stroll and have other venues where we showcase our artists. Having an intern is a blessing. Hasti hails from Sweden and came to us after working for a collector who thought she might go on the road to divest his vast collection. Hasti is a Grovite and lives only blocks from here, lucky for her or lucky for me?
I document my life and gallery doings via photos daily. I now realize I forgot what all was done just yesterday. Both young women were here working dilegently, and by looking at the photos realize how much more was done. I encourage both to keep a log and participate in the blog via their musings Hans Feyerabend picking up his sculpture

Chrystele collecting art work from Focaccia

and this in turn will help you the reader to see the inner workings of a gallery, not just the glitz of a beautiful window or opening receptions. ART on our end is WORK

Sept. 19, 2009 Hasti, Intern

Uta and Hasti packaging up Muy Caliente
One thing on today's schedule was to clean out the jewelry display. Uta and I were scheduled to come in for several hours to gently handle this task. Jewelry made by different designers, in all shapes and sizes. Glass, copper, ribbons, silver, you name it. These pieces have been out on display since the Convergence show two months ago. Well now it was time to clean the case out. The idea was to separate them by designer, put them back in their original boxes in which they came in and send them back. The problem now was that there were 12 small boxes total, for 11 artists who have a average of 5 pieces each. I later was told that all of the boxes for the individual pieces were placed in a crate that was moved to the hotel where the jewelry auction was held. So it seems like the boxes never made it back to the gallery. Now we're waiting for new boxes to come is so that we can have these items returned to their owners. Beside the box episode it has been quite the eventful morning here at the Gallery. We had a visit from two ladies who were looking for something to bring back home with them to Virginia. We all know how tricky that can be, airports and all. Though, our most interesting drop by would have to be the gentleman with the bird on his shoulder. My bird knowledge is limited, it was some kind of small tropical parrot looking creature with a pale face and beady eyes. Other than that he was very lime green and squeaky. Very interesting. I had a feeling he would take off from the shoulder at some point, but he did not. Oh and Annamaria showed me how to turn on the gallery lights and the huge fan this morning, I was not surprised that there's quite a machinery back there with a whole bunch of buttons, It is in fact quite a big gallery we're in.. Well enjoy this beautiful Saturday in Coconut Grove, and always feel welcome to visit us here at the Gallery.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Duchess County Fair by Fred W. Hunt

They are some new arrivals in the gift shop. We want to make a gift shop more accessible for people who love art, sin obligation to spend more and accommodate the many tour buses that stop in front daily. The economy is down. The gallery is inviting independent artists to sell funky one of a kind objects d'art that has wide appeal.Fred Hunt completed his best work of art to-date ( The Duchess County Fair ) Sept. 17,2009

History of this painting. Fred attended the Duchess County Fair when he was creating in his Woodstock Studio two summers ago. At that time he did a 16 x 20 which had great reviews in N.Y. Due to the many subjects he felt it should really be a larger work of art and to develop the many characters. This painting is h34 x w40 and has the multiple personalities developed. Even as he was coming to the finish, he was heard to say "These people are popping up and want to be recognized, today I found two men with birds" and so he keeps painting. It is finished but from across the room he is still looking at this work and seeing that there might just be more characters. He does put his work aside for cooling period, to later revisit and see if anything more is needed.
Already on his easel is his next inspiration half done.
AnnaMaria was gone most of the day to meetings as she curates other venues.
"Il y a de nouvelles arrivées dans le Gift shop. Nous voulons rendre le gift shop plus accessible pour les gens qui aiment l'art, l'obligation de dépenser plus et de faciliter les nombreux bus de touriste devant notre porte tous les jours. L'économie a baissé et de ce fait la galerie invite des artistes indépendants à vendre de petit objet marrant.
Fred Hunt a accompli sa meilleure oeuvre d'art jusqu'au présent.
L'histoire de cette peinture. Fred a assisté à la Foire de Comté de Duchesse quand il travaillait dans son Studio à Woodstock il y a deux ans. Il a realisé un premier tableau de 16 x 20 pour une rétrospective a N.Y.
Il a estimé qu'en raison des nombreux sujets l'oeuvre devrait vraiment être une plus grande afin de développer les caractères. Cette nouvelle peinture fait 34 x 40 avec des personnages plus développés. Quand il pensait avoir fini son oeuvre, on l'a entendu dire "Ces gens apparaisse là haut et veulent plus d'attention, j'ai trouvé deux hommes avec des oiseaux aujourd'hui" et donc il continue à peindre, étant donné qu'ils veulent son attention.
Déjà sur son chevalet son inspiration suivante à demi faite."

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What we make today

A big day, today. Every body does what he can.
Fred with concentration try to ignore every body who are teeming around him, to do his work and wants to make believe to us that he hears nothing... but we understood his game.
AnnaMaria does her best to make some cleaning, put some photography on the wall, and rearranging art work.
Chrystele makes an inventory and try to make some cleaning with AnnaMaria. And she does her best on the blog.
Let me introduce myself : My name is Chrystele Moulun, I'm from Paris, I work on a gallery, the gallery Pixi. I have worked for two weeks all ready with AnnaMaria. I'm feeling good on this gallery. And I'm studying on a Business School.Chrystele Moulun
"Un grand jour aujourd'hui. Tout le monde fait qu'il peut. Hasti travaille sur la lettre d'information, nous annonçons ce qui se passe pendant le mois en octobre, vous la recevrez d'ici quelques jours. AnnaMaria fait tout son possible pour faire un peu de nettoyage, mettre des photographies sur le mur, des hommes portant une robe de mariée.
Chrystele fait un inventaire et un peu de nettoyage avec AnnaMaria. Et fait tout son possible sur le blog.
Et Fred avec concentration essaie de nous ignorer alors que nous fourmillons autour de lui, pour faire son travail. Il veut nous faire croire qu'il n'entend rien ... mais nous avons compris son petit jeu."

A week has gone by here at the Windisch-Hunt Gallery. My first week at a art gallery. It has not been anything like I have imagined it to be, what exacly it was I had imagined I frankly don't know. But it has been different. I never would have guessed that this place would bring such calm. The atmosphere is so easy and light, pleasant to almost a meditating effect. Maybe it's only me, but I sure do enjoy it and try to inhale every inch of it.
So what have I done in this passed week? I have written my first press-release. I have updated and modified our contact list of artists, writers, poets, enthusiasts and all other people who share our love for creation. This so that we can communicate with the Gallery's friends on a more effective level.
I have also worn a wedding dress for the first time in my life, at The Wedding dress opening night. Although my own wedding was last year.. it was quite the experience :)
I have also seen many of the most colorful and expressive people, who will just drop by to chat or admire the work on our walls.
I have definitely seen another face of the Coconut Grove community, and it has been quite uplifting to see how so many people share the joy of art and culture in a city that might not be know for a traditional art-life.
Annamaria requested a little introduction of myself. Well to make a long story short, I'm a 25 year old Persian born Swede who moved to the US in 2008 to be with my very charming husband (I know you're reading Michael).
I have a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Stockholm, with a focus on Advertising and Graphic Design. My future goal is to be rocking the production department of a big ad agency, but until that time I want to learn as much as possible from Annamaria and Fred, as art and creativity is a great part of my life. On my free time I illustrate and recently I've also started taking jewelry making classes. Not beeding, we're talking sodering here!
Well, it has, to say the least, been a very eventful and different week for me here at the Gallery. And I am very curious to see what the next will bring.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

On this photo we can see Santiago Villegas real estate magnet and art collector with AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt of Windisch-Hunt Fine Art.
"Nous pouvons voir sur cette photo Santiago Villegas promoteur immobilier et collectionneur avec AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt."

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We can see Richard Deilke and Sylvia on this photography.
"Nous pouvons voir sur cette photo Richard Deilke et Sylvia"
On the left we can see a dress by Regina McFall. This dress was inspired from a glacier at the top of the world. On the right we can see Sylvia, she is wearing a wedding vintage dress.
"Sur la gauche vous pouvez voir une robe dessinée par Regina McFall. Cette robe a été inspiré par un glacier au sommet du monde. Sur la droite vous pouvez voir Sylvia, elle porte une robe de mariée vintage."

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

In this photograph we can see Eric, he is a performer, and came in drag. He is standing right front of his photo.
"Sur cette photographie nous pouvons voir Eric, Il est un performeur, et est venu en Drag-Queen. Il se trouve devant sa propre photographie"

Our guests

Mystery Guest. "L'invitée mystère"

Nos invites

The wall of new artists.
"Le mur des nouveaux artistes"
In this photography : Lynn Latham , Fred Hunt and Hasti during the opening.
Sur cette photographie vous pouvez voir : Lynn Latham, Fred Hunt et Hasti.

We help young trainees at best by giving them a professional experience in our gallery. In this photography Hasti a new inter.
"Nous aidons nos stagiaires de notre mieux pour leur donner une experience professionnelle dans notre galerie"

During the opening a lot of people come to see us, like photographers, journalists, collectors... We can see on this photography AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt with Ms Pardee.
" Pendant le vernissage beaucoup de personne viennent nous voir, comme des photographes, journalistes, collectionneurs... Vous pouvez voir sur cette photographie AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt avec Md Pardee."

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Wedding Dress opening came off without a hitch

The invitations went out and Ray Neubert's art arrived at the gallery. Four 3-D artists were invited to participate in the"The Wedding Dress" Exhibition. Christel Moulun, my new intern from Paris with a limited knowledge of our language, was assisting and at one point she said,
" We also having an exhibition of Wedding Dress at Galery PIXI this moment." I mention this here, as most concepts in art have been done. There is energy out in the universe and it moves. Artist who worry about having their ideas stolen or copied should maintain a high integrity in their work and nurture those fabulous ideas. Here you see 5 artists' rendition on "The Wedding Dress".
This is Regina McFall's Glacier dress. It was inspired by her visit to Norway just this summer. It came accessorized by the famous Blue Heart of Titanic fame. On the music stand is a photo of the glacier. She did not create this for this exhibition. The urge to create came from when she saw the glacier. It was pure inspiration! This is what ART is about!!!Elcira Chomat Morals created this dress, titled, "I Do, I Do". All these natural fibers used in this artwork have a personal meaning that is relating to her marriage and culture. This work has traveled to other exhibitions and just returned from Pueblo, New Mexico.
This is M.A. Maruchi Carmona's "The Wedding Grown" created entirely out of used coffee filters. It is made to resemble the iconic "Bata Cubana" which Celia Cruz made famous around the world. Each of these dresses are so unique.
The fourth interpretation by Artist Jane Tinney, is seen in our window. See the last post below for viewing.
On a note of creativity, Windisch-Hunt Fine Art looks for works that are new. Andy Warhol is Andy Warhol. When someone presents work to me like Andy Warhol, why would I want to exhibit it. Warhol did it so well that imitation, in this case, is not flattery. So, having found Raymond Neubert, I found a new voice. His presentation of "The Wedding Dress" stands alone.

At Le boudoire de Marie-Victoire Poliakoff presented this collaboration of Kate Daudy and Grant White. The gown is embroidered and the words are based on poetry. We share this image with permission by Marie-Victoire Poliakoff of Galerie Pixi, Paris

Friday, September 4, 2009

Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Windows

Our windows look great at night. You can see from the front all the way to the back of the gallery 80 feet, the back wall has a sculpture dress inspired by voyage to Norway "The Glacier Dress" by Regina McFall and the ever popular "Dear Diary" series by Bettyann Pober.
You need only to click on images to get a better view.

Sept. 4, 2009

Sometimes it's hard to concentrate when issues (not in a nice sense) loom. Miami is still in the 90's and no let up in sight. Labor Day just days away. Art opening tomorrow night.
This week has been long. Above you see photos of just a few of the helpers who appeared when I needed them most or just when I needed that bit of boost of moral support. One person would come for just a few hours then leave and pass the next one arriving to help.
Writing this late on Friday night sitting alone in the dark gallery hearing the voices of the revelers outside. I've been remiss . Last night we had over 80 some young enthusiastic bed racers in for a pre race briefing.
Just finished sending out invitations which were late. I combined them with the Labor Day weekend events and a little bit of what was to be our Windisch-Hunt Fine Art newsletter. I finally opened up my e mail, found the top images, I knew it was time to share. After all I am being followed :)
Top left is Linda Apriletti, to the right is our new intern from the Pixi Gallery, Paris. Chrystele Moulun, enjoying a brief moment in an antique wedding gown. Center is our Miami Master and resident artist Fred Hunt. Yes he is no diva and knows when I need him. To the right of him is our newest member in the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery Kathey Penner who did the photo collage. On the bottom is Chrystele again with Audrey Scott putting together our new gift shop. Missing are all the well wishers who boosted my moral.
We have a new neighbor "Grove House Artists" they found a new home right around the corner from us and are re opening after a brief hiatus. We are so happy to have them. The signs are good for the Grove . Peter Max is also moving into Coconut Grove and will have his own gallery less than two min. from ours. Once upon a time Coconut Grove had 17 viable art galleries.
Our feature artist is Raymond Neubert whom I met at the "unkown project" call for artist. I was there looking for talent and he stood out. He made it to the second tier of this show casting but not as far as N.Y. Those are the breaks.
Again fortunate for me, was able to book him into our gallery and put together a very unique exhibition/installation curated by Mona Mandal. I put this in as someone today asked how did I come up with this concept. Well, it is not new. Out there in the universe are flows of energy and thoughts intersect. One such occurance, our new Intern not knowing English all that well, saw the sculpture installation arrive. We have four 3 d works of art which support the mixed media
work of Ray Neubert. Chrystele mentioned that her gallery in Paris is currently having a show of Wedding Dress. She opened her lap top and pulled out these fab photos of one of a kind costumes which so appealed to me as a calligrapher. I have written for permission from the artist to use image. Waiting to hear. We did get permission from Gallery Pixi "le boudoire de Marie Victoire Poliakoff" the owner to use one and forge an affiliation with Gallerie Pixi.
So tomorrow you will see the opening and shall try to present them as a wedding album meanwhile I'm looking at the Greenstreet Cafee Racing Bed hidden in our gallery LOL.