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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Not a bad day after all

Fred Hunt being serenaded by Augustine Mariche of York Penn.
Got over the rude artist mentioned below. I lovely package arrived via a husband delivery service. Thank you so much. Monica Bo of Costa Rica. Some time ago, Monica stop by our gallery Windisch-Hunt Fine Art, asking for advice. I was hard put to give guidance. What I did do was suggest she get a copy of Alyson Stanfield's book 'I'd Rather be in the Studio". I mentioned that I was working on having her come down to Miami and book her into Lake Worth and Ft. Lauderdale during the same period of time. Monica was resourceful found Alyson's e mail and next thing I know my name is being bantered about on the internet. Not bad .:) Then I had this child star walk in with such bravura. He is in Miami to appear on Univision's top rated Spanish language show Giant Saturday "Sabado Gigante" with host Don Francisco. Next, two lovely persons shopping for nephew gift, made that sale. Of course our hand painted coconuts are
hand painted coconuts $22 + postage ship anywhere
always popular this time of year. The painted coconuts are heading north for the holidays. We had 88 degree weather today. Our merchants in Coconut Grove brought in 6 tons of snow for the children who have never ever seen SNOW or felt it. Part of my past week was spent painting facades of Xmas houses on flats to enhance the event Snow Days. This last one, after Art Basel.See those painted shoes. They are the culprits of Vernissage which I wrote about during Art Basel. This news stand is for the our local news alert, opinion blog
for which I provide photos periodically. Actually it's a friendly photo competition between the blogger Tom and myself a former UPI photographer. Who can out do photos of the Miami Herald or each other. I'm winning.

attitude - antagonistic behavior

I'm writing this as this artist just visited my gallery gave me grief in front of clients. How embarrassing. Hope I never see him again. I also had in the gallery two very young girls doing community service hours, just completing their tasks and I pointedly asked them to go back to their tasks as I was interviewing an artist. I look at the work and ask the artist had he ever been in my gallery "No" as I carry paintings and am not interested in illustrations. I point to one example in the gallery that has been much admired and he calls it "con art" and tried to give me an art history lesson. He took classes from U of M graduate in art???? who thought him, really. The third work of art he had was an erotic depiction straight out of Hustler magazine lacking painterly quality. He accused me of not liking it because of the "snatch" and took a very defensive stand. I explained that we do indeed carry nudes. I tried to explain why certain figurative work sell or not, Why his direct approach would be a negative, all the while trying to laud his draughsman skill. He was in a defensive mood and by now the Father of the young girls was here to collect them. I excused myself to fill out the paperwork for their community service. The artist left without a bye your leave. ATTITUDE!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

ART Basel recall

One workshops going on during all this was conducted by the Bernice Steinbaum Gallery. Several Artists I knew attended Freda Tschumy sculptor, Ellen Girod and Wendy Coad from the South Florida Art Center. and Collector Pat Thompson. I attended on behalf of Fred Hunt who remained in the studio to paint, doesn't that sound familiar. It was about preparing a Legacy which many of us do not even consider while creating our body of work. Primarily good record keeping. i.e when and where you have shown, correct documentation on each and every work that is shown. For the collector this information is also important, to know the documented art will realize a ROI . This was sponsored through the Joan Mitchell foundation. While there we all were treated to a spontanious art performance by an African Cuban American Chinese. It was Poetry in motion and here I was most fortunate to have my new Flip camera. I received a small bird which I shall cherish.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Vernissage Dec. 2, 2009

, The premier opening was last nightat the Miami Beach Convention Center. We were greeted by Ambassador plenipotentiary the honorable George Neary seen here with artist Fred Hunt. George was instrumental in bringing Art Basel to Miami. There was a crowd ready to enter when we arrived five of six. We got in and as is my way of keeping on track and seeing it all. I started to the right. One of my first delightful discoveries was the new body of work by David Hockney Forget the volume and my blah blah blah on video ( that would be an inside joke if you'd been to Art Basel). Recently You Tube video showed David and his assistant going back to nature. The next work of art which drew my attention was the gloved one, yes, a take off on Michael Jackson. It was impeccably executed and as I turn away my Flip Camera captures Debra Cortes. I mentioned her Holiday Art Bazaar only yesterday. Found myself standing in front of a Louise Nevelson and I am wearing the shoes I commissioned her granddaughter to paint for me. It's one of those moment's. (pictured in this link provided )

Art History came alive at Galerie Thomas, a who's who of the 20th century art. this was a space you could linger know you cannot afford it however this viewing is worth the price of admission.
Frank Stella
Only half way through we are thirsty. Found the refreshments and right as we sat I spotted the Champagne cart several of those are through out the hall, nice touch. I turn on the camera for people watching.

Once the saturation of appreciating what is on the walls, you cannot avoid the characters portraying themselves. Are they artists,who cares. They add to the circus. segue
I have a call to Artists for in Feburary it is "Circus Circus" . I could not get enough of Botero's circus images, and all in one place. Who knew he had done so many circus images, wonderful fun works, some on paper, pre sketches for the large oils.
Botero's "Circus Act"
I highly advise if you go pick up a Art Circuit map at the right of the entrance by the red walls. The new configuration will leave you confused. Unless your mind is focused on how you got in you will have a hard time finding your way out.
Large does not make for better. You know when your standing in front of a masterpiece.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Overwhelmed Dec. 2 2009

As of today I have received e-mail invitations to approximately half the receptions and openings all relating to ART Basel Miami. From artists friends and artists I've never heard of. I can actually party into the night with all the happenings some start as late as 10 p.m. Overload, overdose! I am starting this evening and along the way I will report on those. Don't expect me to critique, should I run into something that is worth seeing and affordable I will definitely let you know. So this evening I am heading to Wynnwood with my flip camera. BAC is enticing people to start early with breakfast on the house, why not. Should you do that I highly recommend you not miss the Rubell Family Collection which during the next few days is open to the public and free. GO
At the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery business goes on. I have two artists here earning holiday money painting Village Houses that will be on display for the Coconut Grove Snow Days. Eight (8 ) tons of snow will be brought in for everyone to enjoy this Saturday. EXhibited in our gallery is "Our Regional Treasures", 3 outstanding artists who have earned that title. How many of the up and coming edgy artists exhibiting this week in Miami will be with us and producing much less surviving into their 80's to leave a legacy as P. Cherry 86, Fred Hunt 82 and RA McLendon
the youngest at 77, a original Highwayman.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wynnwood's American Art

Fred Hunt and Sheri Rose share this wall
Ran up to Wynnwood to put last touches on our art. "American Art" is located at 3302 N. Miami Ave. in the Wynnwood Art District and will have its official opening tonight. We are adjacent to Kunsthaus Miami
Dan Walker's Chandelier under construction
click to enlarge images
Ran into Rafael Manresa a former One Ear Society member.( interesting link hmmm) Rafael has an installation with several of his artists on the other side of Kunsthaus. They will have their opening tomorrow night. It's called MyPAC Got this sneak peak and they are very busy installing. You can See Dan Walkers intricate work coming together here. Also Rafael Manresa is putting his signature RMutt on the toilet. How did I get this photo, While looking at their work I noticed a glaring absence, his signature. Now lets not all copy this, Rafael has been doing this for years now, to the consternation of myself while he was a member of the OES. Wherever he goes you will know if he has been there. Most recently he was at the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery and don't you know he did it to me again. However, this time we had a most interesting outcome. We had an elderly lady visit and asked to use our facilities. She came out giggly and said she so enjoyed the experience of using our toilet and now she can tell everyone she sat on a Marcel Duchamp.
You don't have to come to us, now you can go to 3325 N. Miami Ave and have the same unique experience.
Most art openings are tonight at 5 p.m. a wonderfull initiative for this year is benefitting Lotus House via the Sundari foundation. Everyone attending will be required to make a $25 donation. If you don't want to carry cash here is how you do it. Don't leave home without your check for $25 per person to the Sundari Foundation. Have a great time that your evening of see and being seen benefits the unseen.

Midnight musings

What did I forget. what all do I still need to do and my I Cal looks like a checker board for this week. Just remembered another committment the Holiday Art Bazaar at the Mutiny Hotel. Last night was Coconut Groves kick off event for Art Basel and all the galleries were open with wine and food for the My neighbor on the right was closing up just as I was getting the ice for our opening. said there was no one on the streets that was true, it was only 6:30. The C of C blasted the opening reception for a young and upcoming artist, it was well attended by family and friends. My reception was in tandem with the Coconut Grove Art Festival opening. Had one be back, from Sundays reception. Bernice Stein art dealer, came with a client of hers. So we have a serious nibble, and we made some small sales. It is always worth it when someone truly takes time and appreciates all the art on our walls. I closed Windisch-Hunt Fine Art around 9:30 p.m. Back to my checker board calendar Some of the meetings are weekly like the Holiday committee,Holiday Committee
This week is also 1st Thurs of the month WC of CG luncheon, missed the last two, just slipped right on by. Meeting with Mgmt about the Peacock project early tomorrow morning. I've got tickets for opening night ART Basel. Wynnwood Art district opening is officially tomorrow evening, last year thousands showed up as most independent satelites are located there in rented warehouse spaces. It's a free party. I signed up for a workshop about documenting art, artist, who want to leave a legacy. Lets not forget the 1st Sat of the month is this Saturday in Coconut Grove.