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Saturday, October 31, 2009

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Today Mia + Issa

Issa and instructor Sherrie Rose instructor
Taking an art class is pricelessand should not be equated with cost, a nuance lost on quite a few. Currently in our gallery we have a wonderful teacher, teaching a fresco class for age 9 to 15. One student is seeking to improve her portfolio, all art classes have value for her. She knows she is going on to Art School. The other happens to be a trust fund baby and today, a no show, now why does that not surprise me. Having taught children at the Bass Museum for several summers, has given me insight. Some children embrace the projects because the want to. Others are being chauffeured from one activity to the other satisfying someone elses ego. To a portion we are babysitters. Having experienced this I am adamant about the completion and full participation of students that sign up for our classes. Here I suffer no fools or disruptions.

Friday, October 30, 2009

What is a day off

A day off is not always what it seems. One artist left some work when he found he could not get all his work into his vehicle. I offered to meet him half way as I was heading up to Lake Worth for a joint City Commission+CRA meeting (community redevelopment agency).We met in the parking lot of the meeting. Made the transfer and made an inquiry about some artists and gallery there. They knew of the gallery but not the artist in question. The meeting was arduous as most are. Attend in hopes of seeing progress right in front of your eyes. Well at the end, it is a case of make a motion to address this motion, revisit it one month and at the next meeting another lets see. If you don't follow Roberts Rule of Order it becomes a mess. There are few parliamentarians left.
The presentation, Lake Worth has an "artist overlay district" but it is not recognized. They are aware they have a large blighted area. Artists to the rescue! The vision is to bring in artists and develop a premier art colony. The timing could not be better for this venture. Lake Worth has gone though some severe changes and could benefit artists who are willing to uproot.(who else is crazy) How to kick start? They hired a consultant and he and I met several months ago and talked about bringing artists up there and where they will come from. LW has the good fortune of owning a building and getting $700,000 from the CRA to renovate. The building was assigned to the Palm Beach Cultural Council, a noble act. It does not stop there as there is always more to the story. The artists in attendance brought up a valid point. Cultural Councils on the whole do not service the individual artist but art organizations. Great point. The vision is to bring artists into the blighted area. I've looked at the property and it is in close proximity to everything. Lake Worth is quite small 20 blocks N from downtown and 18 S. It is so important to always ask the right questions in these meetings otherwise it is business as usual. The city has and owns abandoned homes and needs only to identify them. Now why that has not been done or why they do not have the numbers is amazing. I spoke of that to the CRA more than a month ago. They were to have those for this meeting. Again it is about communications from one department to another. Everyone was aware that the city has abandoned properties. They identified seven *7. Driving around the area and looking into the PB County Property Appraisers index, this number is only the tip. Put that into the pot with the bank owned properties, practically a third the community is now up for grabs. If the CRA talks to the banks and allows them to do the right thing, give the CRA some of their holdings for tax credit or deduct part from government bailout repayment, Lake Worth could be a contender. Last stop Starbucks for ride home, a call from Art Serve in Ft. Lauderdale to collect art work that was on exhibit they are open till eleven pm .they facilitate other organizations who are using the space for rehearsal. During this day I also found time to do my laundry at the local lavanderia. You learn so much about a community by hanging out there. Sorry no photos from there.


at Miami Science Museum
We artists pay our dues in ways one can only imagine. Here I am at the Science Museum and it is Holloween. I enjoy kids in their place and enjoy teaching them, if they really really love art and it shows. When it comes to funding arts for children I always lean on the, not side, as let them be creative and be good students if they are meant to be artists they will persevere. There is to much of "My kid can do that". Well fine, let them and see in which gallery they are exhibited or which museum they are showcased . Emerging artists are a slippery lot. Having gone back into my catalogue of art, six years back and try to find certain artists who impressed me. They are no longer. Did they get married, now to support their family only to surface at age 62 once again missing their golden years, if art had only meant enough to them. There are sacrifices even artists must make.

AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt with Heather Bettner who has initiated the Parade of Peacocks soon to be unveiled. Artists if you want to do one of those peacocks get hold of her or me use the subject Peacock on Parade, I shall forward it on to her. my e mail is

November just around the corner

This up and coming show is most important it is called "Our Regional Treasures." and am quite proud presenting these artists. I am still waiting for one more artist to come aboard but it is not necessary as I have star power in the three being featured. Last night I attended H Allen Benowitzes reception at the Coconut Grove Art Festival offices. H Allen and I go back a few years as I gave him his very first solo photo exhibition at Gallery Vincent. So I went to congratulate him there. As is the case when visiting other people in your field business is always on the forefront especially as Art Basel/Miami is looming. I was asked, what was I doing for Art Basel. Well, I have already decided and I will have a very successful show. Hitch your wagon to a star.
Now in Coconut Grove we have established 1st Sat. in the Grove Art Stroll, a version of that exists in most communities. Wynnwood does Gallery night or Viernes Culturales translates last Friday Cultural nights in Little Havana. We all do it. Are you ahead of me here. Last night was not 1st Sat. thats right! Was asked if I might consider having my opening on the same night as she is presenting a young new thing out of NY, Art Basel bait. Now the two of us could make this happen but there is baggage here, that will never be forgotten. Politics !!! Miami City Hall by artist Jeffrey Passage
Speaking of politics I have a show which has been cleared to go into City Hall with only days away from electing a new Mayor for Miami and again Politics are interfering with the Arts. I am ready to install and a certain person thinks it would just be wonderful to welcome the new Mayor in style via these en plein air painting,s depicting Coconut Grove where City Hall is located. Of course credit goes to whom? Not I for supporting our community via having these event here for the 8th time. But having great art available for the New Mayor. Where is this all goin? I am going to city hall with tape measure in hand and meet.
As I am ruminating this at 5 a.m. in the morning, that is when most of my blog posts are written. Im thinking about the person who wants to meet and discuss this unique alliance. There is strength in numbers. But would it benefit the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art gallery.? moi. I have a good thing. My promo cards are waiting for the one more artist.

Miss quoted ?

My day started at the beach it was refreshing, one would think that this being end of October the weather would be NORMAL, well it is not. It t is hot, still in the high 80's. Maybe this sounds great to the east coast but the electric bill is killing me. I 'm in catch up mode and with the economy as it is, the sales we have had for the most part are small pick up items .
Showcasing fine art is fine, but galleriest have to live as well as ARtists. We are a working gallery and open year round. Half the galleries in Wynnwood are closed waiting to bait in NY artists for ArtBasel/Miami. Coral Gables galleries are almost extinct as they moved to Wynnwood with high hopes, then the economy happened.
Current issue of New times is out and as I look to see who all is doing some thing. I recognize an image I submitted for the reception which happened a week ago. Stating that we have an event reception tonight, oh my, so we will have it again after all I still have Rhum Barboncoure, why not.
Have you ever been miss quoted well, The article states something about voodoo or spirit bottles. Never erven heard of those. I'm think where on earth did they get that, then add insult
to injury they said I chirped . Oh dear no i am not a happy camper , chirp, indeed. One of my wonderful gallery artist Jeff Passage he must have beeen a diplomat in his former life looked at the bright side "They used a word that would fit in the limited space "Yes Jeff, there is a Santa Clause chirp is a 5 letter word, and said is four 4 letters. lol.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Stolen Haitina Art

Absconding with art maybe considered a white collar crime but in Haiti its gruesome. The last heist I heard about, took place in 1997 and involved highly collectible artists. Each with very distinct style that even after less than a one week study, you too would recognize the works of such greats as Lyonel Laurenceau, Castera Bazile, Sejourne Bernard, Philome Obin, Jacques Gabriel.
I have the privilege of having these artists in the gallery and am enjoying them thoroughly. I still can't pronounce their names correctly. The interest in this art is minimal most of the people coming in already have one of these artists and are using our prices as a benchmark for their valued procession. These works are the foundation of Haitian art. Last exhibited at the Bass Museum 10 years ago. Since that time Haitian painting has become and industry. The work which is seen and sold on the streets now, can be had at garage sales or at the antique market next door (they have one for $45) That is not what this Haitian art is at the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art in Coconut Grove. Art stolen! Reward upon recovery I just tweeted this information as I'm being followed by several major museums. It is with hope that they can also assist in recovery.
The 9 works of art are by well known Haitian artists. This was published in the Le Nouveliste newspaper and one painting was immediately recovered, a piece by RoseMarie Desruisseau .
It has been acquired by a friend of Georges S. Nader
. upon finding out where it came from he called Georges immediately and returned the painting with much apology. Georges did offer to pay for the inconvenience and never mentioned the name. The purchaser and his entire family was threatened with death if he revealed the source. Obin's very distinct signature on bottom right.
for the average art lover this is the most recognized signature of Obin. For those in the know the painting may not have been done by him but signed by him. The Obin family is extensive and they all paint.

Monday, October 26, 2009

MAM Director resigns

This poster is from a forthcoming book release on Nov. 7, 2009 The first line SF is not South Florida but it might as well be, however it is San Fran. We are all about the same. Now with the massive layoffs artists are among the ranks. Do what you can for your friends.
I did post these two stories together on purpose.
From the Miami Art Museum
“We engaged Terry with the dual goals of focusing MAM’s mission and creating a clear vision for the development of the museum’s new building, and he has done a superb job on both,” stated Aaron Podhurst, chairman of the museum’s board of trustees.
This does come as a surpris, as it is effective immediately. Terry Riley is going back to Keenen/Riley Architects, YES he is partner of that firm. But looking at it more deeply does this seem odd ? Miami Art Museum afloat without a rudder?

Tony Scornavacca

Early morning 8:00 a.m. meeting at my bank, they do a yearly event for their large depositors. They asked me to recommend artists and out of the 4 they selected 3. The decision after all is theirs. A quick coffee with friends down the street and waiting for me at the Gallery doors with a box was Tony Scornavacca Jr. inside a rare find of cartoon books created and assembled by Tony Scornavacca aartist loved and remembered by all Grovites.
The dedication reads as follows.
"To my dear self whose quiet desperation and noisy depressions were a constant inspiration......... come to the Gallery and get your copy.

A true Tale re-told by Grove artist Fred Hunt about Tony Scornavacca
Now there was that time when Tony the one known as Scornavacca had been trying or attempting to lure this young lady up to his studio to pose. But the requirements were as always, that Tony, the artist wanted to paint her in the nude. Of course she kept refusing, and one day, lo and behold she showed up and said yes she would do it. Of course Tony was delighted. As I recall he gave the young lady one of these model drapes and showed her where she could undress. Here he excused himself, and left her to her privacy. After several minutes she heard Tony say from the privacy of his office, are you ready to pose. She replied yes she was. So he said to her to position your self on the model stand, I'll be right there. She checked her watch for the time and stepped onto the platform, she didn't wait long before out walked Tony, stark naked.
Of course his unexpected appearance threw the young lady into total disarray and shock. After several minutes of unladylike language and gestures she embarrassingly covered herself and stomped out of the studio into the dressing room throwing on her clothes almost and left slamming the door. Tony was bewildered, he spent all his time in advance telling her of his intentions. Of course after she left he once more narrated them. "I said all along that I wanted to paint you in the nude" that was my honest explanation and still remains.
Fred Hunt "I can't believe he didn't put it into his cartoon book. "
Every guy who ever knew Tony has an antidote about Tony. So if your out there and want to tell it, I shall put it into this blog. Tony Scornavacca was as well known as Picasso in his heyday.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oct. 25, 2009

Celebrate, take an artist to lunch, buy some art. Here in Coconut Grove, you can do both. We have, according to the Miami Cultural Council over 250 artists living in 33133, our zip code. I know quite a few not registered with the Council.
We have a Britto Gallery and next door to him is the new Peter Max Gallery, Grove House Artists Co-op are once again up and running. ArtWay 66 is not to be missed. Windisch-Hunt Fine art has 18 artists. Dharma Studio and Blue Moon Studio and L K King Kinetic Art everyone is alive and well in Coconut Grove. We also enjoy the support of our Daily newspaper the Coconut Grove Grapevine

Jewel of Miami "Coconut Grove"

Greg Little " Vizcaya Waltz"

Greg Little "Vizcaya Morning"

Cesar Santos "Spoil Island"

Cesar Santos "Peacock Park"

Audrey Scott "Atargatis"

Runcie Tatnall "Little Park"

Richard Del Ponte "Vizcaya 1"

Richard Del Ponte "Vizcaya 2"

Dan Bondroff "Le Petite Paris"

Ellen Weiss "Morning Sunshine at Vizcaya"

Pricilla Coote "Tea On The Sea"

Erik Speyer "Fountain at Vizcaya "

Talia Rodriguez "Moroccan Dream"

Linda Apriletti "Longitude Latitude"

Priscilla Coote "Into the Secret Garden"

Priscilla Coote "Roaring Waters"

Claudia Moriarty "Plein Air Vizcaya 1"

Claudia Moriarty "Plein Air Vizcaya 2"

Friday, October 23, 2009

Guess what?

Today waiting for the reception, I had a moment to check my email and found that the One Ear Society blog was recommended as the web site of the day by the New York Arts + Arts Fair International. What a thrill that we have come to the attention of the New York art world for our blog which covers the ins and outs of a working gallery which honestly represents what is happening in the Miami art scene. Thank you to our New York followers.

Haitian Art Opening

Our Dear Diary Wall

Come to the gallery how ever you are. We do not stand on formality. I love this photo because it shows Miami. There are many areas with distinct personality. Coconut Grove where we are embraces all. Too hot out, wearing shorts is fine. Just sailed into town? We love docksiders, we are right on the water. Just come from the opera? Formal wear always right. Just make sure you are wearing some kind of clothing to cover the naughty bits.
Georges S. Nader and Charles Ames discussing in Creole the finer points of Haitian art collecting. Tonight's event was lightly attended as we were up against the season premier of the Miami City Ballet. The after dinner crowd arrived around 10:30 pm so we remained opened till midnight. Bernard Sejourne's painting in center of photo.
Monica Craun, performance artist, getting pointers from Georges S. Nader about Haiti's drink of choice 7 star Rhum Barbancourt which was served at tonights' opening. Also check out the Coconut Grove Grapevine.

And the winner is

Echos of Vizcaya

The painting done by Priscilla Coote titled Echos of Vizcaya was the winner of the 8th Annual En Plein Air competition sponsored by the Windisch -Hunt Fine Art Gallery of Coconut Grove, FL. It was one of the hardest jury decisions because the quality of the paintings were exceptionable. The winning piece was chosen because it captured en plein air spirit at its finest. The painting shows a sense of place, depicts light beautifully and was not overworked. On close examination it seems effortless. During this two day event Priscilla managed to complete 4 paintings. Tomorrow we will show case all entries.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Mail ART being shown

It's not to late to participate in this fun expression of your talent. Put an extra special touch on the envelope, you’re an artist!
"International Mail Art Traveling Exhibit"

Mail to:
Andrews Art Museum
Po Box 868
Andrews NC 28901
For those who have heard me say I believe in serendipity well. I was just posting this and searching for the correct address to the Andrews Art Museum. In walks my favorite mailman and bring me a large envelope from there. Send an envelope today, the curator Annette Rawlings is showing her own work in some very impressive venues. Congratulations to all who are included. Don't hesitate,
don't miss out on this traveling Mail Art exhibit.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Welcome Sail the Grove

Welcome "Sail the Grove"
right now we are they only window in all of Coconut Grove recognizing the value, the sailing community brings to our restaurants and merchants. We have created a small gift shop, we sell painted coconuts from Coconut Grove, even allow tourists to paint their own. We are hoping for the trickle down effect to take place. I miss being on the water. Yes I do still go swimming at 8 a.m. and open the gallery by 11 a.m. daily. This is my life.
Today was spectacular, stopped for Starbucks coffee and watched the sun rise.

My Life in pictures part 5of 5

Checking in on the progress of the artists painting en plein air at Vizcaya. Here are Greg Little and Richard DelPonte each with their own vantage point.

Priscilla Coote

Claudia Moriarty

Audrey Scott

Bernard Sejourne in our window

Marcie Ziv and Les Roberts at the Peter Max opening Peter was in Germany

We did sell this lovely water color by Karen Deilke sans frame. In his left hand he had the measurements of his wall space, and so it goes.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My life in pictures part 4 of 5

What else do we squeeze in. Visit to another artists opening here Deborah Weed and friends hold court at the Mutiny Hotel. Congratulations.

A Life in art? That is what I choose. En route from getting art supplies we were going to pick up food. This year it seemd like Oktober Fest would just happen with out us. A quick stop, once there, the musik , die gemutlichkite, we stayed only a half hour, ate, one dance, back to the gallery.

This painting is coming along, it grew out of two other paintings. The 16 x 20 was reviewed favorably. It demanded to be larger and more developed and as the larger one was being painted, this little group of characters, made themselves known. " We want to be noticed,what about us" so they said to our artist Fred Hunt. Here they are no longer hidden in the other painting demanding his attention. For those who always wonder how a painting is created.
Well this is one way the muse spoke through them.

Word is out we have Haitian art at the Windisch-Hunt Fine art gallery and Gwinette has a fine collection of her own. Possible she will find something she doesn't already have or purchase a work that will compliment what she does have.

En plein air workshop with Erik Speyer "2 brushes 3 colors" maybe four colors.? He donated his fee to the Barnacle Historic Park located right here in Coconut Grove 5 min walk from the gallery. This seems incongruous, as we are a cosmopolitan Miami.

My life in pictures part 3 of 5

A chance discovery of artist Bernard Sejourne and I'm in love. What do I see, wonderful strokes that flow, a man who loves women. So if someone says come see my etchings maybe you should go. I went up to his hotel room. This is how I found the treasure trove you will read about soon.
Periodically we get students in who are in a humanities class at one of the local colleges. The questions spill What, Why, explain this tell me about as they take notes.. Here a chance encounter with a real artist who is earning her living doing what she loves, even if it's not on a canvas at the moment. Art is everywhere some people like to be surrounded by art and commission mural work, faux finishes and artist Trish Jesselli is doing just that.

Art delivery "and you want to be my latex salesman" $500,000 in art doesn't seem possible, but it is. Who commands these prices? Dead artists. So, how are you feeling. There is a joke about an artist who wore a T shirt stating he was feeling poorly so in no time he might expire and of course the purchase of his art would be priceless upon his demise.

Photos of outside our gallery
1st Sat. of the Month Coconut Grove Art Stroll. That was the day available and Coconut Grove took it. Now we know why it was available here in Miami. During this transitional time we get busier than at other times of the month. Change out of art, end of month books, inventory, etc.. We find ourselves doing things so that we can survive in this business. Some of it is setting up in shows that might not have an immediate return but don't count those out. Have cards of your work or gallery and cross promote. It takes just one person to make the difference.