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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Life imates Art?

"The Artists Studio" in Vero Beach
"Jehovah's Witness at my Door"

Fred Hunt painted his studio in Vero Beach, working title "Jehovah"s Witness at my Door" in early 2005, finished just before Hurricane Wilma hit and destroyed the studio, swept it clean of the Kolinski brushes he'd cared for since his school days at Ringling, and photo gear etc etc. So what remains from the studio are the bronze heads of Leslie (one was stolen since, more on that in another blog post.) In the painting we see these two bronzes. Today Fred put patina on them and said "That's what's been missing, I painted them that way" A revelation?
Fred Hunt's paintings were in my care during the hurricane at The One Ear Society, in Coconut Grove. The title for the above painting came from the fact that the ladies of the Jehovah's witness group interrupted him every Wednesday like clock work. So he just painted them in. You can see them at the bottom of the steps, through the screen door with pamphlets in hand.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Convergence Reception Windisch-Hunt Fine Art

Four bus loads of ISGB participants brought from the downtown Hyatt Hotel
it looked like a photographers convention. We still have catalogs for sale.
Special cases display the work to a high level of opulence.
Los Ranchos catered the affair
Uta wowed everyone with her mime welcome, changing the jewelry she wore, during the evening.
Another successful event. It was ISGB International Society of Glass Beadmakers' Traveling show CONVERGENCE which culminated in raising 14,000 for their society via their Auction. Here are some of the photos of the Reception and some of the work. Overheard "in the 14 years I've attended never saw beads look so high end." I guess location location has merit.
What was truly wonderful was the ladies who came for the show were themselves a show, they wore their jewelry which are reserved for special occasions and this was one such occasion, at the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery, in Coconut Grove. As soon as I learn photoshop I will do a Bill Cunningham on this blog of what was worn this night.UTA
A big thank you goes to UTA for assisting in laying out the beautiful pieces for maximum impact.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Rendezvous Coconut Grove

Those of us who are fortunate to live in Coconut Grove enjoy summer breezes coming from Biscay Bay all summer long. Another enjoyable reason to be a residence here. Summer Rendezvous block party on Commodore Plaza every Saturday evening in July. The small street is closed to vehicular traffic. Coconut Grove Artists are set up, not so much to sell art, as to remind everyone this is the original art heaven in Miami. Music played from both ends of the block and the restaurants bring additional tables out onto the street. Nice European touch. This was last night with Suenalo on stage. As evening turns into night dancers take to the streets.

Summer Art Openings are Fun ONE

Cats and Dogs and Mermaids. Go to one of these summer art openings, you will find some fine art being created. Objects you can live with that give back in enjoyment. This week Miami Int'l Arts Institute at 17th and Biscayne Blvd. by the Omni presented Paws as well as Cats with Cattitude. I went to support one of my artists friends and came away happy having seeing these impeccably finished works of art. Purchase some of these wonderful works of art or take home the real deal. The event benefited the Humane Society, These photos speak for themselves.Who stole who's heart?
These shows don't leave you wanting to judge, is this art or is it any good. Yes, to both questions These special pieces are affordable so that you can enjoy them in your own home.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Exchange

We artists should take time and give a gift of joy, because we can. Many people are not surrounded with beauty, but once in a while, draw something on an envelope. You will find someone who will love and cherish the thought you put behind it and keep the painted envelope forever. How is that for being appreciated, you won't see the smiles but you will know.
Please send all art mail on to the Andrews Art Museum for their exhibition. Wish everyone could be so fortunate as to receive happy colorful mail such as these.

Anthony Mangicapra

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mail Art Alert

The wonderful mail has now been packed up and is headed north to the Andrews Art Museum to join the upcoming "International Mail Art Exhibit" curated by Annette Rawlings. You have until September 1 - Oct. 30, 2009 to submit fresh work. It will after that date travel on once again. Any question contact Director Annette Rawlings

"International Mail Art Exhbit"
Andrews Art Museum
P. O. Box 868
Andrews N. Carolina 28901

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The FIX was in

Shame on you Rene Morales of MOMA now Miami Art Museum.
From the grapevine and as time goes on it will be proven . FOUR artists, had the inside track to personal acquaintance to the jurors of this process. In other words They most likely did not sit in in 99 degree heat as a hopeful. ALL is a ruse! Not FAIR
I was not going to proceed with what happened inside as everyone was asked to sign a non disclosure agreement . But under the circumstances should we ask "Help me Howard" or "Mr. Al Sunshine " as to the legality of those papers under the circumstances. We all signed with intent to proceed honorably, but they have broken our trust. So I publish this photo!
(more on insider art stuff to come) If anyone who reads this can i.d. the others I will publish names and affiliations. Feel free to comment.

Cattle Call for Artists/Reality check

Nine a.m. and the iffy neighborhood that never sees any traffic except once a month, is full of artist hopefuls. Bravo known for the most successful reality shows "make it work" i.e. Runway will do for Artists what they did for designers and chefs. 99 degrees in the shade and if you are lucky you moved up in line from pick-up truck to pick-up truck. We arrived at 9 a.m. and the line was more than a block long, the 1st arrival, artist Harmony Jones got there at 5 a.m. (silly and quite dangerous).

Saw many friends as all my friends are artists.The questionnaire was 20 some pages. Are we ready for prime-time. The instructions were precise. How these artists managed to complete what took us a good two days of thought, might be touched on, on another blog. ( The importance of being ready when opportunity comes knocking.) Requirements were: flash drive, art work, passport, portfolio, paperwork filled in completely per instructions. Artist Hopefuls ranged from the allowable age 21 to 81, bless his heart.

More than 500 artists showed up from as far away as Orlando to Atlanta and Cincinnati. These interviews take place in four corners of the U.S. and of all these artists hopefuls, only 13 possible 15 will be selected. Good Luck to you, you will be watched by all of us who didn't make the cut but we will champion you because we still have the dream.

Monday, July 13, 2009

ego's dealers and clients

Artist Val Torres with assistant
A new show is coming in on top of another, mind you I have close to 8,000 sq. ft., and each exhibition enjoys their own opening and this doubles their visibility with receptions. Still it gets testy when space is allotted. As a curator, artist and owner of the fabulous Windisch-Hunt gallery, I should know this space best. The considerations are multiple. Certain artworks enjoy similar genders while others thrive on the contrapuntal. So this in itself is a challenge not lightly undertaken, after all it's my reputation which is at stake. What is shown, when and how, so it goes. Currently we have a fabulous jewelry exhibition "Convergence" a juried exhibition of collaboration between glass blowers and designers., via the the Ohio Glass Museum. This work has to be seen to be believed. Anyone who respects the labor of such fine crafts will not be disappointed. It also happens to be timely, the New York Times in their July 5th Sunday issue did a photo lay out of what is being worn by women of taste.

Mean Green Mother Earth
This happens to be one of my favorite, great title. the Artists are Patty Lakinsmith, of Los Gatos, Ca. and Cyndie Smith, New Port Richey, Fl. pardon the photo) I photographed the catalog which accompanies the show and is for sale should one of these treasures be to dear. With a note of regret some of Fred Hunts works is being retired. Not to Woodstock's Taleo Arts Center just to storage.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our Master resident artist

Fred Hunt at his easel at the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery
Somewhere down the blog I wrote "not quite Jackson Pollock" it looked like Fred was following the beat of another drummer. One thing I've learned from Fred Hunt is don't tell an artist what he is doing or how to proceed nor approach what YOU think he is about to embark on. He has changed works of art despite me. He is the creator and knows the road he needs to be on. The work not yet finished but two versions of the same beginning that I shared in an earlier blog. Both are amazing.

It takes a village

This does not represent all who participated in the planning.
A gallery is not exactly a merchant but we are part of the retail mix. The best way to be overlooked is to not participate in community events. The 4th of July was a big Coconut Grove event. It took a village and meetings meetings and more meetings. I sat through them I hosted Coconut painting parties. See photos further down the blog. Here we have Oscar the winner of the Golden Coconut
My reward, I got out of the gallery for part of the day and to see some of the festivities which I helped create. Never got to the hot dog eating contest or the reopening of Coconut Grove's best known establishment the Taurus. Even missed the fireworks. However, people do know who the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery is even if it is just by my long red mane.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

All THANK YOU's are appreciated

All thank yous are appreciated. Also is to be recognized, when your given leeway in a gallery. i.e. the show has come to an end and you don't pick up your art work right on time because, you forgot the date, your out of town and can't make it, and best of all YOU were not charged. Wow where is that?
I write this as an artist called and asked "was I suppose to pick up the work" that was yesterday, guess she heard from someone else. She is parked outside and sent someone in to get her things.
Never a hello, how are you today or thanks so much for the show. It is artists like this that make me want to play hard ball with all. The lesson is mine.